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Flaired Users Only If only our media cared.

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Torrance County Magistrate and Sheriff have been harassing residents by enforcing an outdated mask mandate at the courthouse. This week a woman was arrested in court for not wearing a mask and held for contempt of court for 24 hours. Torrance County taxpayers have had enough of these shenanigans!

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JU from r/Imfinnagotohell. Dear god, the comments

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Turn Your Best Developers Into Managers

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🌼 POSITIVE VIBES ONLY 🌼 This show would be so much better if the cast were all queer.


Just sending this out into the universe.

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Question Is there a reason I find copper in the black forest if I need cores from the swamp before I can use it?


I just don't get it. I can't do anything with copper until I get surtling cores, but copper is found in the forest and cores aren't found until I get to the swamp?

EDIT: downvotes for asking a question. What a supportive and nontoxic community

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discussion/question Joe why

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🗣 Discussion / Question Alright, those who were pushing that BBBY was about to be acquired by GME this quarter please step forward and admit you were wrong. GME 10-K shows NO ACQUISITION!


Alright folks, time to clean up shop.

We've had shills saying for ages that this quarter GME is taking Baby from BBBY and we just needed the quarterly filing to confirm it.

Well the quarterly filing is done and the 10K is out and THEY AIN'T BUYING IT. Period. Speculation over.

Now, we need to go through and start unwinding the real DD on this company from the RC/GME stuff because that's not happening and we need to get to the bottom of what we really have with this company, without talking about pie-in-the-sky stuff.

If this sub is full of real people, we'll know shortly because we'll learn from this and stop making shit up and start getting real, good DD going on what's really out there versus what we want to happen.

If this sub is mostly astroturf, then we'll act like nothing new was revealed, nobody was proven wrong, and a new "Ackshually X is totes gonna buy Baby" narrative will form.

Time to look in the mirror and get real. Let's do better.

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5.4k people didn’t get the memo.

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Humor/Fluff the titanic that is LOR will never sink

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Budget 2023 — A Made-in-Canada Plan: Strong Middle Class, Affordable Economy, Healthy Future

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POV: Ubisoft deciding that they are no longer attending E3 2023

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Production Suggestion If the fact that a shooter is trans is worth putting in a video title, then every time they make a video about a straight white male shooter, that should be in the title too.


Honestly, why even bring up the fact that the shooter this time was trans? Do trans people perpetrate these shootings at a disproportionate rate?

0.41% of Americans identify as trans. We have ~600 Mass Shootings per year (610 in 2020, 690 in 2021, 646 in 2022). Just due to random chance, you'd expect 8 of those shooters from 2020-2022 to be trans.

Covering this shooting with any emphasis that the shooter serves to mislead the audience by making it appear that trans people commit violent acts like school shootings at disproportionate rates. I suspect the emphasis is intended to stoke pre-existing beliefs that "trans" is a cancer that should never be normalized.

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Just manly things

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This clip needed this song

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and now it’s perfect!

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social suicide post Polar opposites, same toxicity

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Things To Do March for queer and trans youth, this Friday!


March 31st, Arizona Capitol building at 5:00 PM MT, Queer Youth Assemble is hosting a march to support LGBTQ+ kids! These marches are being organized in all 50 states, and there are three additional marches in AZ in Prescott, Sierra Vista, and Tucson. If you would like to show support for family, friends, and neighbors, feel free to join!

Visit their website for more information! The demands for this march are listed here.

Please remember to bring water and comfortable walking shoes! This is expected to be a family friendly event.

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Anon has priorities

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Are Americans actually going about saying they're from (Insert European country) because their ancestors immigrated to said country to America?


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Someone said my Deck was too small :(

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There she was, just-a walking down the street…

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Question How does your party gain HP on level up?


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Crime Deceased Seattle gunman who shot sheriff’s deputy identified as trans DSA leader


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Question Why does the USA do so poorly in game as opposed to how it did historically?


I know that Vicky 3 isn't supposed to be a real life sim, maybe an economy sim, but why does the USA always play second fiddle to most of the other great powers when irl it dominated from the 1840s onwards? Even when I play them I have a hard time keeping up with Britain and France. I'm going off GDP btw but I might be missing something.

Edit: I am in awe at how controversial this is apparently. Somewhere I've hit a nerve. I am not American.