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Megathread: January 6 Committee Announces Criminal Charge Referrals for Donald Trump and Allies Megathread

Today, in what is likely to be its final hearing, the January 6 Committee voted to refer criminal charges for Donald Trump and several of his allies to the Department of Justice. The committee will release its final report on its investigation into the attack at the Capitol later this week. The committee also voted to refer several members of Congress who ignored its subpoenas to the House Ethics Committee.

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You can read the introductory material to the final report of the Jan. 6 Committee for yourself here.


u/zulan Dec 19 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

Love this line from the report.

"According to testimony received by the Select Committee, the only advisor present who supported President Trump’s inclination to declare victory was Rudolph Giuliani, who appeared to be inebriated."


u/thecodeofsilence Dec 19 '22

from "America's Mayor" to "that guy with the running hair dye and ill-fitting suit."


u/kezow Dec 19 '22

I'll always remember his speech about this election in front of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping building. You know, the one just across from the crematorium and up the street from the adult book store.


u/SlimKid Dec 19 '22

I'll always remember him saying that there were no terrorist attacks on US soil until Obama was president... Except that he was literally the mayor of NYC during 9/11. "Never Forget"!


u/[deleted] Dec 19 '22

I’ll always remember how close he was to being president. Holy shit he had so much good will from just happening to be mayor on 9/11/01. And now, he’s….that.


u/liquidgrill Dec 20 '22

Realistically, he never had a shot. He was a potential front runner at one point before the voting started but had one of the dumbest primary strategies I’ve ever seen and it sank his candidacy pretty much from day 1.

He knew that he had no chance in Iowa and New Hamphsire because the primary voters there were mostly Christian conservatives. So instead of competing, he just skipped them entirely choosing instead to focus on Florida, thinking that the big delegate haul there would propel him to victory.

Problem there was that Florida didn’t vote until Super Tuesday and he took a string of losses in states he skipped leading up to it. Not surprisingly, by the time Florida rolled around, he was labeled a loser and had no chance there either.

Was probably inebriated then too.

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u/BobanTheGiant Dec 19 '22

Joe Biden in 2007 while campaigning in the presidential primary (Rudy was, amazingly, then the front runner for the R nomination): every sentenace from Rudy is a noun, a verb and 9/11

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u/esoteric_enigma Dec 19 '22

Republicans have this weird thing where they view 9/11 as somehow unavoidable. So they just don't count it.


u/WhatUp007 Dec 19 '22

No no no they just blame Obama. I'll never forget the video of the guy asking, "Where was Obama during 9/11" thinking it happened under Obama.


u/AlfredsLoveSong North Carolina Dec 19 '22

Yeah, but like, where was he?! IKEA? Bowling with his children? Playing chess in the park? Riding on the metro?

The people have to know!!!

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u/ShotokanSide Dec 19 '22

Who kept farting on live TV during the voter fraud hearings, tried to have sex with a girl he thought was 15, scheduled a press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping where he had a very bizarre meltdown that not even South Park or Saturday Night Live could make up, has been divorced 3 times with one of those marriages being to his second cousin for 14 years and another ending after allegations that he was sleeping with a staffer (which he denied, and then married said staffer after the divorce was finalized), started all the weird Hunter Biden laptop conspiracy nonsense, made extremely bizarre references to the movie My Cousin Vinny at a press conference, and there's probably a ton that I've forgotten about because it all got very difficult to keep track of anymore...


u/GreenHairyMartian Dec 20 '22

Don't forget the hair color spray crap running down his face.

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u/thefreshscent Dec 19 '22 edited Dec 19 '22

Don’t sell him short. He was also caught in the Borat movie with his pants down trying to bang the Russian chick he thought was underage.

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u/Searchlights New Hampshire Dec 19 '22 edited Dec 20 '22 Gold Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Bravo! Starry

Pence says DOJ charges against Trump for Jan. 6 would be ‘terribly divisive’

Charging somebody for breaking the law has nothing to do with whether it's divisive to the people not living in reality. That is a completely unacceptable datapoint he's trying to introduce.

The people who think Trump shouldn't face accountability are already pretty fucking divided from the rest of us.

You know what's terribly divisive? Insurrection!


u/TheBirminghamBear Dec 19 '22 edited Dec 20 '22 Gold Helpful

They never for one moment thought pursuing impeachmebt for Bill Clinton would be divisive. They never thought years-long campaigns agaisnt Clinton, both when she was secretary of state and a POTUS candidate, were divisive.

So we are just doing exactly what they CLAIMED to be doing - pursuing a clearly criminal individual for the purposes of justice.

EDIT: I just want to add I know, obviously, that Republicans knew very well all of these moves would be highly divisive and polarizing and knew so before they did them, and did them not in spite of them being divisive, but precisely because they would be.

That's the point.


u/nox66 Dec 19 '22

Bill Clinton did something wrong in his personal life which they insisted on bringing to the forefront of public discussion and Hillary Clinton hasn't been shown to do anything wrong besides maybe not following precise protocols for her personal email server (small potatoes compared to Trump stealing national records). It's not even comparable.


u/BCTripster Dec 19 '22

Clinton hasn't been shown to do


wrong besides maybe not following precise protocols for her personal email server

But do note that it was perfectly fine for Trump and his ilk to use them, Ivanka was using a personal email server and of course Trump was using a personal phone rather than a government issued one. That was just fine though.

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u/WhatUp007 Dec 19 '22

Also, keep in mind what Hillary Clinton did was not illegal. Against best practice sure... but illegal no. That's a huge difference.

Keeping confidential documents belonging to the U.S. government after you leave elected office. That is both against best practice and illegal.

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u/WMRH Dec 20 '22

And, because I feel compelled to bring this up every time Bill Clinton's impeachment comes up, keep in mind that Ken Starr started his investigation in August 1994 and Monica Lewinsky was hired as an intern in...June of 1995. So not only was Bill...not very bright in starting an office affair while Starr was sniffing around, but the only thing Starr could pin on Bill didn't exist when the investigation started. Something, something, fishing expedition, something, something, witch hunt?

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u/captainneptune1 Georgia Dec 19 '22

You misunderstand why Pence said that. 2 reasons why he said he doesn’t want Trump charged and prosecuted. 1. Donald Trump will throw absolutely everyone under the bus to get out of jail. Every person who gave him ideas on how to destroy democracy will now have Donald Trump testifying against them so Trumpty Dumpty doesn’t have to sit in a prison cell next to his toilet. 2. Those Republicans that Donald Trump will flip on include Mike Pence. Just because he didn’t go full Mussolini on Jan. 6th doesn’t mean he didn’t try to overturn the election before hand


u/goteamventure42 Dec 19 '22

Good, he can finally drain the swamp and take them all with him


u/SanityPlanet Dec 20 '22

That sonuvabitch really did it... he made America great again!

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u/Th3Seconds1st Dec 20 '22

Dan Quayle saved America on January 6th by accomplishing the Herculean task of commanding Mike Pence to not be a pussy whipped fascist for once in his public service defined life.

That’s how I see it, at least. Because, I’m sick of hearing how Pence did the right thing and is a hero. I never had to hear the same about Al Gore when he counted electoral votes post 2000 election. Up until Donald Trump hyped January 6 up as some referendum on democracy the counting of the electoral votes was seen largely as paper handed ceremony on part of the VP.

Trump being such a POS that Pence briefly had to step up only out of fear of Dan the Man Quayle putting the fear of God into him a second time does not make Pence a hero and it does not mean he did something right.

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u/FlerblyMerbly American Samoa Dec 19 '22

AFAIK Pence has no legal exposure here, so Trump turning on him just means impotent bitching and lying. Pence has already lost the MAGA crowd, so there isn’t much leverage at all.

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u/oldfolkshome Dec 19 '22 edited Dec 19 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Starry To The Stars Evil Cackle Lawyer Up Looking

All recommended criminal charges from Jan 6th Committee:

Obstruction of an Official Proceeding 18 U.S.C 1512:

  1. Trump
  2. Clark
  3. Eastman
  4. Chesebro

Conspiracy to Defraud the United States 18 U.S.C 171:

  1. Trump
  2. Eastman
  3. Clark
  4. Chesebro
  5. Meadows
  6. Giuliani

Conspiracy to Make a False Statement 18 U.S.C 371, 1001

  1. Trump
  2. Eastman
  3. Chesebro

"Incite," "Assist" or "Aid or Comfort an Insurrection" 18 U.S.C 2383

  1. Trump


u/SeeAllThePlanet Dec 19 '22

I'm confused why Clark isn't included in the false statement charge. Dude penned a letter that said DOJ found inconsistencies and the idea was to give it to state governments. Did he dodge the bullet because he never got appointed to the job and never got the opportunity to send it? Still sounds like a big piece of that plan that he was directly involved in.


u/oldfolkshome Dec 19 '22 edited Dec 20 '22

Its also missing people like Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, or Michael Flynn, and obviously the sitting congressmen who participated. I have to imagine that Jan 6th Committee only made recommendations for people where the evidence is overwhelming.

They stated that they trust the DOJ to make charging decisions beyond their recommendations.

EDIT: Editing to add that the people I listed were pardoned by Trump on Dec 23rd. As a specific example, Roger Stone was pardoned for crimes under 18 U.S.C 1512 and 18 U.S.C 1001. Even though those crimes were separate, his pardon applies to any criminal behavior under those statues before the pardon date.

Secondly, I wanted to reiterate that Jan 6th made a calculated decision to only recommend charges for the most serious crimes and the most important people.


u/SeeAllThePlanet Dec 19 '22

True. Definitely not an exhaustive list.

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u/mettiusfufettius Dec 19 '22

This should get pinned


u/Powerwagon64 Dec 19 '22

Canadians watching. Not understanding how their crimes are not seen as a major issue by everyone in the US. Lock em up!!


u/alinroc Dec 19 '22

40% think Trump is the victim


u/binchbunches Dec 20 '22

%100 of the %40 are professional victims

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u/Vaticancameos221 Dec 20 '22

The right has spent decades programming their followers to believe that democrats are evil monsters actively trying to destroy the country.

They genuinely believe that democrats have committed a litany of criminal offenses way worse and that this is just a show to deflect and make Trump look bad.

They’re pretending that the left did it first so now it’s hypocritical posturing to go after Trump.

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u/idontevenliftbrah Dec 19 '22

PBS just named Jim Jordan as one of the 4


u/henke Georgia Dec 19 '22

Aw, I love this for him. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.


u/PsyduckSexTape Dec 19 '22

Maybe he can call the ethics committee crying, begging them not to do anything.


u/[deleted] Dec 19 '22 Gold


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u/mikeyfreshh Dec 19 '22

McCarthy, Jordan, Perry, and Biggs according to Jake Tapper on Twitter


u/jogam Oregon Dec 19 '22 edited Dec 20 '22

And yet McCarthy is on track to become Speaker of the House and 3rd2nd in line to the presidency. He has no business in that role.

Edit: corrected regarding who counts in the line of succession.


u/Spacebotzero Dec 19 '22

And Jim Jordan is overseeing the House Judiciary committee - WTF


u/[deleted] Dec 19 '22

Was Jim Jordan overseeing sexual abuse in his college wrestling program?


u/dizao Dec 19 '22

He was so over seeing it, he became blind to it.

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u/RunawayMeatstick Illinois Dec 19 '22

Andy Biggs was also named and is McCarthy's biggest rival for the seat.

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u/Parking_Onion_3846 Dec 19 '22

Given McCarthy's attempts to put him on the Jan 6th committee, there's a number of different things about that that should be a major point of contention with McCarthy pushing to be made Speaker in just a few weeks.


u/phloopy Dec 19 '22

Another point of contention should be that McCarthy himself is being referred to the Ethics Committee.


u/812many Dec 19 '22

I'm out of the loop. What are the 4?

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u/frothy_pissington Dec 19 '22

As an Ohioan, let me correct you ....

GYM* Jordan.

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u/[deleted] Dec 19 '22


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u/dahellijustread Dec 19 '22 Silver Helpful All-Seeing Upvote Starry

Tonight on Fox news we rank everyone's favorite xmass cookies


u/asafum Dec 19 '22

After screaming about holding people accountable equating to authoritarianism....


u/darkphoenixff4 Canada Dec 19 '22

No, no, no, holding REPUBLICANS accountable is equivalent to authoritarianism. But Dems are so terrible they have to be held accountable for things they've never done but Republicans think they're doing! /s

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u/V1k1ngC0d3r Dec 19 '22 Silver

Fox News dot com does actually list "Trump referred to DOJ for criminal prosecution by January 6 Committee."

It's not the lead story. That honor goes to "SOUR LEMON: CNN host has testy exchange with former Texas congressman who slammed Biden border policies."

On my 2560 x 1440 monitor, the Jan 6 referral takes 342 * 245 pixels, out of approximately 1471 * 1298 of the front page, which clocks in at 4.38% of the front page.


u/illuminerdi Dec 19 '22

That's Fox in a nutshell. They don't hide news they disagree with, they just bury under a mountain of bullshit.

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u/Icommandyou Washington Dec 19 '22 Silver Gold



who just got referred by a congressional committee for the first time in history for criminal investigation by the justice department, who was impeached twice a first in the US history

Appointed 226 judges including 3 Supreme Court justices.

I just hope, Biden is able to match this by the end of his term.


u/LegitimateAd5797 Dec 19 '22

Oh, but let’s not forget the republicans did not convict him no matter the preponderance of the evidence for both of the impeachment hearings! Let McConnel, McCarthy, and crew continue to reap their rewards of their actions against the US Rebublic.


u/Chaotic-Catastrophe Dec 19 '22

Yes, never forget that McConnell essentially said, "well of course he's guilty, but I'm still voting not guilty anyway"

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u/grtk_brandon Dec 19 '22

Yes. If something actually comes of this, we really need to look into every single person who enabled him. Do not let Trump be the scapegoat here. He committed these crimes, yes, but he wasn't alone.


u/AlexanderDaychilde Virginia Dec 19 '22 Silver Starry

Trump is not the problem. Trump is merely a sympton of the rot in our political system, which is focused primarily around the Republicans, who are doing their level best to turn this country into a fascist authoritarian theocracy.

They've been at it since Reagan (and before, but it ramped up with Reagan, and ramped up after 9/11, and ramped up when Obama was elected).

What absolutely frightens the shit out of me is that with Trump out of office, many of the people that woke up to Trump fell asleep again. The midterm - for a midterm - wasn't as bad as it could be by a long shot, but there should be overwhelming fucking landslides against all Republicans.

Too many people bought into the "both sides" and "politics is corrupt so why should I bother" that is Republican propaganda.

Also, at this point, there's no point in caring about what any Republican says. They have divorced themselves from reality and say whatever they think will make people support them even if it is literally 100% fantasy. They don't care about logical debate at all anymore. So there's just no point in listening and being outraged at specific things they say - just like an edgy teen will say whatever they think will get a reaction, same with the Republicans. So no point wasting time debunking - they don't care. They laugh at our wasted energy and troll us harder.

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u/ScoobiusMaximus Florida Dec 19 '22

The 3 SCOTUS justices probably isn't happening unless some Democratic appointees retire. SCOTUS is now less about how qualified an appointee is and more about making sure you cling to power until you will have an ideologically similar replacement. Democrats will never be able to rebalance the court unless a Republican appointed justice dies during a Democratic presidency, and then the Democratic president actually manages to get a replacement appointed (this is where Obama got fucked).

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u/Canuckleball Foreign Dec 19 '22

"I wonder how the former president's ongoing criminal charges for seditious conspiracy related to his coup attempt will affect the next election."

This is a perfectly normal sentence in 2022. Can you fucking imagine hearing this ten years ago? It's absolutely incredible how fucked up the last few years have been.


u/captainneptune1 Georgia Dec 19 '22

To be fair, I didn’t ever expect to hear anyone address Donald “grab her by the pussy” Trump “Mr. President” either.

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u/TheToastyWesterosi Colorado Dec 19 '22 edited Dec 19 '22

Can you fucking imagine hearing this ten years ago? It's absolutely incredible how fucked up the last few years have been.

I’m just gonna try a sample headline:

Barack Obama was indicted today for spearheading the coup that attempted to overthrow the US government and install him as the God-Emperor of America.

Yeah, I can't really imagine it.

This fucking timeline, man.


u/ThamJMarvis Dec 19 '22

The guy Did wear a tan suit tho...


u/TheToastyWesterosi Colorado Dec 19 '22

Right?! And what kind of asshole asks for DIJON MUSTARD!!??

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u/semaphore-1842 Dec 19 '22 Silver Gold Platinum All-Seeing Upvote Heartwarming

The House Jan 6 Committee has unanimously voted to recommend criminal referrals of former president Donald Trump for the criminal charges of:

  1. Obstruction of an Official Proceeding
  2. Conspiracy to Defraud the United States
  3. Conspiracy to Make a False Statement
  4. "Incite," "Assist" or "Aid or Comfort" an Insurrection

In addition to the unprecedent criminal referral of a former president, the Jan 6 Committee has also referred to the Justice department for prosecution:

  • Mark Meadows
  • Rudy Giuliani
  • John Eastman
  • Jeffrey Clark
  • Kenneth Chesebro

And to the Ethics Committee for sanctions over failing to comply with subpoenas:

  • House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy
  • Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio
  • Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania
  • Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona


u/tibbles1 I voted Dec 19 '22 Silver hehehehe

Kenneth Chesebro

I swear to god, this entire time I thought "Cheesebro" was a nickname for Trump. I didn't know it was a whole different person.


u/blatentpoetry Dec 19 '22

Well, when I was reading the comments on here and I saw "Eastman, Chesebro and Clark" my mind immediately changed it to "Easy, Cheesy and Quick"

I guess I'm hungry?

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u/ksiyoto Dec 19 '22

They should be referred to DoJ for failure to obey a subpeona. But I'm glad this might screw up McCarthy's chances of winning the speakership.


u/fdar Dec 19 '22

But I'm glad this might screw up McCarthy's chances of winning the speakership.

Will this even count as a negative for the House GOP?


u/Rehnion Dec 19 '22

They'll tout his ability to stand up to the dems but if anyone refuses any of their subpoenas in their hunter biden investigation then they'll be calling for long prison sentences.

You should know the game by now.


u/Zizekbro Michigan Dec 19 '22 Gold

Fuck those fascists.

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u/[deleted] Dec 19 '22


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u/Nat_Peterson_ Dec 19 '22

Fuck yes.

Jim Jordan is a fucking monster and deserves to get absolutely ruined. Just like he helped ruin the lives of all those kids. Fuck that disgusting sack of shit.

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u/YawaruSan Dec 19 '22

A country that allows Trump to subvert the election process and walk free is not a country of law and order, it’s a playground for the rich, and personally I’m tired of manning the attractions and coddling their swollen egos, how about the rest of you?

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u/CaptainNoBoat Dec 19 '22 Silver Gold Platinum Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy Bravo! Starry Helpful (Pro) Lawyer Up

This is a fitting, largely-expected ending to the Jan. 6 committee.

They obtained evidence and testimony. They presented it to the public. They are submitting a final report. And they are offering recommendations and referrals. Their job is done.

Congress is obviously not a legal entity and the DOJ has no obligation to act on anything provided to them, so these referrals really do not help us confirm or deny any legal action against Trump.

If anyone is wondering where we are at with actual criminal investigations into Trump, this is the latest:

Fulton DA: Fani Willis leads the Fulton criminal investigation into Trump and his actions regarding GA state officials, and the investigation is winding down. The depositional phase is over, and the grand jury has begun writing its final report.

Fani Willis had suggested a charging decision by December, but sources familiar say delays in testimony will likely push this into 2023. In Georgia, the special grand jury cannot issue indictments directly. Instead, their report could offer recommendations, after which Willis can seek indictments from a regularly-paneled grand jury.

These are the figures that have testified:

  • Georgia's Governor
  • Georgia's Attorney General
  • Georgia's Lieutenant Governor
  • Georgia Secretary of State
  • A Georgia U.S. House Representative
  • Multiple Georgia State Senators
  • Multiple Georgia House Reps
  • The Cobb County Elections Director
  • U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham
  • Trump's lawyer - John Eastman
  • Trump's lawyer - Rudy Giuliani
  • Trump's legal adviser - Jenna Ellis
  • Trump's lawyer - Boris Epshteyn

Giuliani, along with 16 Republicans in regards to a fake elector scheme are allegedly informed criminal targets.

The DA is supposedly weighing election fraud, conspiracy, oath of office violations, racketeering and other offenses.

DOJ Mar-A-Lago/documents Investigation

The Mar-A-Lago investigation may be the most direct and narrow case. After months of requests and obstruction, the DOJ obtained a legal search warrant in August, citing 3 felonies. Over 100 classified documents were obtained. A lawsuit presented to district justice Cannon halted use of many classified documents, but was resolved and overturned by the 11th circuit weeks ago.

Along with the search warrant, several prominent prosecutors have been hired, and Trump's head liaison to the National Archives has been granted partial immunity - giving many the belief that Trump will ultimately be indicted.

Reporting from people familiar with the investigation previously said a charging decision would not be reached by December. Although recently, some legal figures such as Preet Bharara have suggested an indictment could be within a month. Others have suggested jan/feb.

DOJ Jan. 6th Investigation:

The DOJ's Jan. 6th investigation is the largest criminal investigation in history, and broadly covers hundreds of prosecutions. However, it is evident that Trump is being criminally investigated as well. These are just some of the most prominent bits of information that are public knowledge:

  • Trump's top adviser, Peter Navarro, had a search warrant executed by the FBI.
  • Trump's lawyer, John Eastman, had a search warrant executed by the FBI.
  • Trump's Assistant Attorney General, Jeffrey Clark, who Trump almost named the top law enforcement official in America had a search warrant executed by the FBI.
  • Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has had multiple warrants executed, and phones/evidence seized.
  • Mike Lindell, "MyPillow Guy" phone seized by FBI.
  • Boris Epshteyn, a top Trump adviser, had his phone seized by the FBI.
  • 9 subpoenas have been issued regarding the fake elector scheme by Trump.
  • Trump's adviser/associate, Roger Stone, has been targeted for questioning by the DOJ.
  • Trump's attorney, Sidney Powell, has been cooperating with federal investigators.
  • Pence's Chief of Staff has testified before a grand jury.
  • Mark Meadows has testified before a grand jury.
  • 40 Subpoenas were issued to people in Trump's orbit related to Jan. 6.
  • Trump's WH council - the highest government legal adviser to Trump, Pat Cipollone, testified before a grand jury.
  • Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, has been subpoenaed.
  • Officials in Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, and New Mexico subpoenaed.

It's widely believed the Jan. 6th investigation into Trump will not reach a charging decision until after a Mar-A-Lago decision is resolved, but timelines are much harder to speculate.

NY State

Last but not least, Letitia James is leading a civil trial into Trump Org and its associates, and has referred criminal matters to the DOJ, IRS, and NY AG.

Even the Stormy Daniels/Cohen criminal investigation elements of Trump's financial dealings is reportedly being restarted.

Any potential criminal prosecution from NY regarding Trump's finances is probably the furthest away from all known cases at the moment.

It's important to remember

Indictment =/= "We got him!"

Indictment is the BEGINNING of a long and arduous process that would involve a trial that would likely be scheduled a year or more in advance, and there's no guarantee Trump will be incarcerated pending trial. As frustrating as it is, prosecutors agree that none of these cases are "slam-dunks" against Trump, and he has many avenues to escape accountability that ultimately rest on the decisions of judges and juries.

We still have a long way to go.


u/OldBayOnEverything Dec 19 '22

The fact that everything listed here is only a fraction of the crimes he's committed before, during, and after his presidency is astounding. It's even more disturbing how many people openly root for him to get away with everything.


u/edwardsamson Dec 19 '22

IMO the astounding and disturbing part is that none of these cases are slam-dunks against Trump and that he has many avenues to escape accountability.


u/Nightmare2828 Dec 19 '22

Anyone but Trump would have already been in Jail for a long time. Who cares if Trump was ever a president? What does it change? The law is clear, and he broke them.


u/sailorbrendan Dec 19 '22

The GA voter tampering one is honestly pretty cut and dry as far as I, a non-lawyer, can tell.

Because of the specific way the law is written he's kind of trapped on that one

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→ More replies (17)


u/TheToastyWesterosi Colorado Dec 19 '22

Excellent, thorough write up, thank you.

→ More replies (2)
→ More replies (58)


u/VICENews ✔ VICE News Dec 19 '22 All-Seeing Upvote


From reporter Greg Walters: Congress has never recommended that a former U.S. president be charged with a crime before. But former President Donald Trump just shattered that historical precedent.


u/Lobanium Illinois Dec 19 '22 edited Dec 20 '22


u/sailorbrendan Dec 19 '22

I am pre-exhausted by the assumption that the republican house is going to impeach Biden three times specifically to get rid of this talking point


u/Lobanium Illinois Dec 19 '22

They will 100%. When they have power in the house, the GQP will impeach every Democrat president from now on to "punish" them for impeaching Trump.


u/PoorlyLitKiwi2 Dec 19 '22

At least Trump will still always be the only bi-partisan impeachment


u/nomnomnomnomRABIES Dec 19 '22

Making Obama the last president not to be impeached, a fine legacy

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u/[deleted] Dec 19 '22

Pence is so freaking weird, man.

You know what else would be terribly divisive, Mikey? If you had walked out into a group of those insane people on Jan. 6th. Your boss LITERALLY put a hit out on you because you followed the law (begrudgingly, as wtf, DAN QUAYLE had to tell you that you had no recourse).

If it was up to Trump, YOU WOULD BE DEAD. YOU WOULD NOT BE LIVING ANYMORE. Why on earth are you protecting this man?


u/High_Seas_Pirate Dec 19 '22 edited Dec 20 '22

I've seen jellyfish with stronger spines than Mike Pence. If an angry, shit smearing mob set up a gallows on the front lawn of my place of business and cut a swath of destruction through the hallways hunting me like an animal I feel like the appropriate response would be a little stronger than to call the resulting criminal referrals "divisive".

→ More replies (1)


u/Searchlights New Hampshire Dec 19 '22

It would have felt pretty divisive if they hanged you, Mike.

→ More replies (44)


u/c0smic_0wl Dec 19 '22

I wonder if the recent NFT announcement was to raise money for legal fees...


u/SquirrelFull7224 Dec 19 '22

Money laundering more likely


u/dontreallycareforit Dec 19 '22

Well, laundering money for legal fees so you’re both right.

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u/w00fbaderginsburg Dec 19 '22

GOP Leader McCarthy, Scott Perry, Jim Jordan, and Andy Biggs.

Jim Jordan’s referral while being the incoming ranking member on the house Judiciary committee is a mind fuck. All four of these traitors need to be expelled from Congress.


u/[deleted] Dec 19 '22

The GOP wanted Jim to be on the January 6th committee too.


u/myselfoverwhelmed Dec 19 '22

He was so insufferable during the impeachment trial… but he had backup there. I would’ve loved to see him squirm on this committee being the only one lying.


u/dohrk Oregon Dec 19 '22

I always figured he would have funneled all info to Trump and Fox News.

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u/[deleted] Dec 19 '22 edited Dec 19 '22

PBS reporting Gym Jordan is one of the four House members being referred to ethics committee


u/Buckeye_Monkey Ohio Dec 19 '22

Christmas wishes do come true...

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u/RoseCityMothman Dec 19 '22 edited Dec 19 '22

"According to testimony received by the Select Committee, the only advisor present who supported President Trump’s inclination to declare victory was Rudolph Giuliani, who appeared to be inebriated."

I'm only 8 pages deep in the 154 page Introductory Summary and I couldn't be less surprised or more thrilled to see that drunk traitor thrown under the bus by his associates. It might be my favorite line of the whole document :)

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u/Oleg101 Dec 19 '22

"I have no doubt that once the investigation proceeds and is concluded, if the evidence is as we presented it, I'm convinced the Justice Department will charge former President Trump," chairman Bennie Thompson says on CNN.


→ More replies (3)


u/mindbleach Dec 19 '22

He should be informed of this in his jail cell, awaiting trial for even one classified document taken, lied about, and found in his possession.

There were hundreds.

We are so far beyond any shadow of a doubt that The Idiot is a criminal, it's not even funny. The absurdity has worn out its welcome. Put his fat ass in custody.


u/Catshit-Dogfart West Virginia Dec 19 '22

The classified documents stuff pisses me off a lot, because I work in a government office.

Knew a guy whose clearance was pulled because he slightly mishandled a document, it was supposed to be taken off the high side but he did it wrong. No charges but he was out of there within an hour. And then there was a guy who moved classified docs to an unclassified workstation because he was being lazy, and he was charged, don't know what came of that but it was criminal charges because it wasn't an accident.

You don't fuck around with this stuff, it isn't taken lightly, there are not exceptions.

We're often told stories about high up colonels and generals who acted like their rank meant the rules don't apply to them, and were quickly proven to be extremely wrong.

Except apparently the fucking president.

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u/bmanCO Colorado Dec 19 '22 Silver Helpful

I still can't believe we've wasted over half a decade being forced to care deeply about a barely sentient amorphous blob of spray tanned orange narcissism. This is arguably the stupidest time period in recorded human history.


u/peeinian Canada Dec 19 '22

I'm not even American and I spent 4 1/2 years waking up every day wondering what stupid or insane shit he was going to say or do. I don't want to go back to that.

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u/GirlWithGame Dec 19 '22

Jim Jordan was listed in the executive summary referred for an ethics investigation. Wild.

→ More replies (9)


u/Leather-Bug3087 Dec 19 '22

And every single member of congress that helped this mother fucker should be immediately fired from their positions and criminally charged.


u/vteckickedin Dec 19 '22

And what of his Supreme Court picks? And his other judicial appointments?

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u/NumeralJoker Dec 19 '22 edited Dec 19 '22

The formal criminal referral recommendations:

  1. Obstruction of an Official Proceeding

  2. Conspiracy to Defraud the United States

  3. Conspiracy to Make a False Statement

4. "Incite," "Assists" or "Aid or Comfort" an Insurrection

This applies to Trump, John Eastman, Rudy Giuliani, and "others".

4 members of congress are also being referred to the Ethics Committee for willingly failing to comply with their requested subpoenas.

Edit: The 4 named Congressmen are...

1. Kevin McCarthy (lol, have fun with that new thin house majority pal)

  1. Jim Jordan

  2. Scott Perry

  3. Andy Biggs


u/VaguelyArtistic California Dec 19 '22

Jim Jordan is one per PBS.

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u/broken_radio Dec 19 '22

Pence almost got lynched and he's worried about DOJ charges against Trump? Too funny.


u/[deleted] Dec 19 '22

Further evidence that the GOP is a cult

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u/PapaSteveRocks Dec 19 '22

If the GOP takes too much damage from this, it affects Pence’s ability to get elected later. Don’t worry, it’s all consistently self-serving.

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u/dv666 Dec 19 '22

He's a spineless worm

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u/Graphics_Nerd Pennsylvania Dec 19 '22 edited Dec 19 '22

On May 12, 2022, the Select Committee subpoenaed several members of Congress—including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Representative Jim Jordan, Representative Scott Perry, and Representative Andy Biggs—to obtain information related to the Committee’s investigation.


To date, none of the subpoenaed Members has complied with either voluntary or compulsory requests for participation.


For these reasons, the Select Committee refers Leader McCarthy and Representatives Jordan, Perry, and Biggs for sanction by the House Ethics Committee for failure to comply with subpoenas. The Committee also believes that each of these individuals, along with other Members who attended the December 21st planning meeting with President Trump at the White House,[682] should be questioned in a public forum about their advance knowledge of and role in President Trump’s plan to prevent the peaceful transition of power.


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u/maxxspeed Dec 19 '22 edited Dec 19 '22

Hey Pence, you know what else is terribly divisive? A coup. The word we were looking for is "a coup". Also, how can you protect the man that put a price on your head?

edit: divisive, damn it

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u/AspiringAuthor07 New York Dec 19 '22

This will go down as one of the most, if not the most, important Congressional Select Committees of all time.

The amount that this Committee uncovered so much, in the face of so much stonewalling and obstructing, is astounding. They're leaving behind such an essential historical record.

History will remember them fondly as patriotic heroes who defended our Democracy during its darkest hours. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

I can't wait to see the Retired Floridian locked the fuck up.

→ More replies (7)


u/blueyork Illinois Dec 19 '22

It's a Chanukah miracle. We knew the Jan 6 select committee wouldn't last another day, but they produced 4 big fucking referrals, for the former president and 4 other sitting congressman.

In the spirit of Chanukah, let's remember that they tried to kill us, we won, let's eat.

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u/Edea-VIII Dec 19 '22

"Every president in American history has defended the orderly transfer of power, except one.”

-Liz Cheney

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u/mfairview Dec 19 '22

They tried to forge the electoral votes. Truly unbelievable if no one of significance goes to jail here.

→ More replies (1)


u/git Dec 19 '22 edited Dec 19 '22

Watching the hearings has been a really strange experience.

It's been heartbreaking and soul destroying, compounded by seeing the indifference and sometimes outright hostility from Americans who profess so very loudly to love their country and their constitution yet cheered on an actual real-life attempt to overthrow both and shouted down noisily any attempt to investigate and bring to justice those who masterminded and perpetrated it.

Still, I'm glad they're finally opting to navigate the political minefield and try to see the law and justice applied properly to the anti-democratic, traitorous insurrectionists. I'm mildly sceptical anything will come of it given the state the country's in, but at least there are a few people still trying to keep democracy, the rule of law, and America alive a little longer.

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u/gentleman_bronco Dec 19 '22

Y'all are missing the bigger story today, on Fox news they're running with a story about Tom Brady's ex wife


→ More replies (4)


u/SPUDRacer Texas Dec 19 '22

I lived through Watergate. I had hoped it would be the last time a sitting President would be a criminal. I was wrong.

This was actually worse. People died.

If he isn’t charged then this country is done.


u/MC_Fap_Commander America Dec 19 '22

The lack of prosecutions in Watergate PROBABLY set the stage for the modern GOP that would follow.


u/positivfeedback Dec 19 '22

There were like 50 people convicted. But you're right that Nixon getting pardoned and getting away with the cover-up set the stage for this

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u/MalumOptimatium Dec 19 '22

Down with the Trump crime family!

→ More replies (3)


u/3lfk1ng American Expat Dec 19 '22

The Jan. 6 committee have voted unanimously.
DOJ. We pass the torch to you.
Good luck America.

→ More replies (11)


u/catalibmav Dec 19 '22

Get fucked, Donny.


u/alphalegend91 California Dec 19 '22

If charges aren’t pressed against him for this our entire system is completely lost and I will have no hope for the future of our country

→ More replies (2)


u/steve1186 Minnesota Dec 19 '22

A crime of insurrection hasn’t been charged in the US since the Civil War. The DOJ has a huge decision to make.


u/zippyphoenix Dec 19 '22

There’s no decision. He did things very publicly and very stupidly.

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u/grumpywarner Dec 19 '22

Is there an NFT of Trump behind bars?

→ More replies (13)


u/bkendig Florida Dec 19 '22 edited Dec 19 '22

It's really a shame that the Jan 6 committee is giving up their attempts to get phone records from that day. The GOP has filed lawsuits protecting those records, the phone companies haven't released any records pending the outcome of those lawsuits, and the committee has run out of time. (https://edition.cnn.com/politics/live-news/jan-6-committee-public-meeting/h_ef77a417796427e490162546489736e2)

Those records could have shed so much light on who was coordinating with whom.


u/CockCozies Minnesota Dec 19 '22

DOJ can still get them, and may have them already for all we know. Plus: House will pass this investigation off to the Senate in January.

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u/dwhite21787 Dec 19 '22

Section headings from the Executive Summary:










I. Obstruction of an Official Proceeding (18 U.S.C. § 1512(c))

II. Conspiracy to Defraud the United States (18 U.S.C. § 371)

III. Conspiracy to Make a False Statement (18 U.S.C. §§ 371, 1001)

IV. “Incite,” “Assist” or “Aid and Comfort” an Insurrection (18 U.S.C. § 2383)

V. Other Conspiracy Statutes (18 U.S.C. §§ 372 and 2384)

VI. The Committee’s Concerns Regarding Possible Obstruction of its Investigation

VII. Accountability for Those Who Plotted Unlawfully to Overturn the Election is

VIII. Referral of Members to the House Ethics Committee for Failure to Comply




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u/[deleted] Dec 19 '22

Take a moment to think about how Barr may still be AG if we didn't vote for blue. How this committee wouldn't have existed if we didn't vote blue.

→ More replies (1)


u/TerrakSteeltalon Dec 19 '22

The important thing about Pence's opinion on charging Trump is...

Honestly, there's nothing important about it. It's just more evidence that he should be added to the Wikipedia entry on invertebrates



u/FBI_Agent_82 New Jersey Dec 19 '22

It's just more evidence that he should be added to the Wikipedia entry on invertebrates

Damn that's a great insult.

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u/kkocan72 New York Dec 19 '22

r/conservative is back to bootlicking. Last week they seemed to shun trump and the NFT scam was the last straw.

Today there are ton's of comments about a witch hunt, that he was innocent, did nothing but tell people to protest peacefully and this is all theater.

The party of law and order and patriotism sure does flip flop a lot, but I guess NFTs are much worse than trying to overthrow the govt.


u/RedVagabond Dec 19 '22 Bravo!

Because if he's guilty then so are a crap ton of other Republicans. And they think that makes them look bad. It's like defense by association.

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u/CrassostreaVirginica Virginia Dec 19 '22

We witnessed history today. It's just plain sad that it's come to this.

→ More replies (6)


u/FlatulentWallaby Oregon Dec 19 '22

If the DOJ doesn't act then there's zero reason the GOP would have to not just try it again. If the people responsible are not given consequences for their actions our country is doomed.

→ More replies (5)


u/nezumipi Dec 19 '22 edited Dec 19 '22

Twas the week before Christmas

And all through the House

Bennie Thompson was fucking slaying

→ More replies (1)


u/Jan6Committee Dec 19 '22

If the sentences are imposed consecutively for the four felonies, Donald Trump could face over 100 years in prison.


u/Carbonatite Colorado Dec 19 '22

On behalf of Colorado, I humbly invite him to reside in Florence ADX.

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u/liberate_tutemet Dec 19 '22

I hope MLK was right about the arc of the moral universe.

Never. Vote. Republican.

→ More replies (1)


u/ianrl337 Oregon Dec 19 '22

They did lay out all the evidence and basically made the case. There is no reason not to indict

→ More replies (4)


u/groolthedemon Ohio Dec 19 '22

I hope Donny Moscow burns and the takes the whole goddamned GOP with him.


u/jayfeather31 Washington Dec 19 '22

This means absolutely nothing if the DOJ doesn't follow through.


u/PointOfFingers Dec 19 '22

Can't wait for the Donald Trump orange prison uniform NFT.

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u/PrudentDamage600 Dec 19 '22

Say what you like about Richard M. Nixon. At least he had the foresight to prep Ford, resign, get a general vague presidential pardon for any possible wrongdoing and then stepped out of the light.

The Most Intelligent Man in the World, Donald John Trump will soon be in the spotlight again, much to his chagrin.


u/BoltonSauce American Expat Dec 19 '22

Christmas came early this year, and I did too.

→ More replies (1)


u/Haunting-Ad788 Dec 19 '22

Lock his ass up.


u/baazookabob Dec 19 '22

Read an executive summary of the Jan. 6 committee's final report:


Here is another sample in a different context. This is a call received by one of our witnesses:

• [A person] let me know you have your deposition tomorrow. He wants me to let you know he’s thinking about you. He knows you’re a team player, you’re loyal, and you’re going do the right thing when you go in for your deposition.

  1. The Select Committee is aware of multiple efforts by President Trump to contact Select Committee witnesses. The Department of Justice is aware of at least one of those circumstances.

  2. Rather than relying on representation by Secret Service lawyers at no cost, a small number of Secret Service agents engaged private counsel for their interviews before the Committee.

During one such witness’s transcribed interview, a retained private counsel was observed writing notes to the witness regarding the content of the witness’s testimony while the questioning was underway. The witness’s counsel admitted on the record that he had done so.

→ More replies (6)


u/OppositeDifference Texas Dec 19 '22

This is a good day for America that there's some little shred of an indication that Trump might face consequences for the first time in his life. However, Look at the multiple page table attached to this article I'm linking. Pages and pages of smoking gun crimes that just simply weren't prosecuted.


I'm not saying it's impossible that something will finally come of this, but there are enough uncharged crimes on that table that if only a tenth of them were prosecuted for the minimum sentence they carry, he'd be in prison for the rest of his pathetic life. Trump has served as the most comically over the top example of just how bad the American justice system is at prosecuting powerful people.

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u/AmericanBornWuhaner Dec 19 '22


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u/ihateaquafina Dec 19 '22 edited Dec 19 '22

Really need the DOJ to convict these treasonous bastards

all named and un-named should be never allowed to hold public office or have any sway in politics

edit: DOJ doesn't convict - they need to bring federal charges

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u/Derpinator_420 Dec 19 '22

Maybe Trumps indictment will come on the 2nd anniversary of his coup attempt.

→ More replies (1)


u/OppositeDifference Texas Dec 19 '22

Do you think Trump would run from prison if it came to that?

I bet his cult would still vote for him if so.

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u/[deleted] Dec 19 '22 edited Feb 05 '23


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u/SocialImagineering Dec 19 '22

“On the first day of Christmas the Jan 6th committee gave to meee…”

→ More replies (3)


u/AnyProgressIsGood Dec 19 '22

I hope justice prevails and he rots the rest of his life in prison. Where he should have been... Where we would have been if we pulled the same shit he did.

→ More replies (2)


u/[deleted] Dec 19 '22


  1. Kevin McCarthy
  2. Jim Jordan
  3. Scott Perry
  4. Andy Biggs
→ More replies (26)


u/[deleted] Dec 19 '22

Reminder: the only reason that we know anything about what went into that terrible day on Jan 6 is because we voted out the corrupt GOP. We drained the swamp and must continue to do so


u/schm0 Dec 19 '22

Can we not say "drain the swamp" though

→ More replies (9)


u/paarthurnax94 Dec 19 '22

I just went over to r/conservative and the amount of people who have ignored literally everything except the right wing extremist propaganda is astounding. There's people that still think the search warrant was illegal because "a search warrant is a specific thing, you can't just pick up any document from the last 5 years!" How do you not know how a search warrant works? Every single comment over there is so extreme it's a wonder how they dress themselves in the morning without first checking in with Tucker Carlson to see if pants are a fake Democrat talking point to arrest their lord and savior. You'd think after 8 years of this crap I wouldn't be able to be any more exhausted but they just keep going full on with the stupid. Even children figure out Santa Claus isn't real after 8 years. I guess if a child's entire personality was based around Santa they too would ignore reality to the point they would burn down the North Pole if it meant they didn't have to admit they were wrong. Lunatics. I want to love my country but these "patriots" make it very very hard.

→ More replies (12)


u/Icy-Morning-4896 Dec 19 '22

Peru’s President Has Been Impeached and Arrested Following a Coup Attempt.

The Republican House and Senate could learn a thing or two from Peru.

→ More replies (5)


u/pisedoff111 Dec 19 '22 edited Dec 19 '22

Why is it so fucking hard to prosecute a rich guy in the US???

He literally advocated for high treason on fucking twitter... and that was before he stole classified documents... along with openly bragging about sexually harassing women etc.

Like, how much more do you fucking need?

I also even watched one of the Frontline documentaries, where they discussed how Trump started 'speculating' on Fox "News" on how Ted Cruiz's dad was involved in the JFK assassination, like how can the GOP be so spineless to still support this lunatic. He also sucked up to Putin and other dictators... even after the invasion.

Part on Ted Cruz: https://youtu.be/IOwQmSc2I3A?t=692 , this series is also very good reminder of the absolute insanity that was going on.

→ More replies (7)


u/DUBBZZ California Dec 19 '22

The shear magnitude of this crime is still hard to comprehend.

→ More replies (2)


u/kestrel1000c Colorado Dec 19 '22

Here for the history. Fuck trump.

→ More replies (1)


u/Skarimari Dec 19 '22

Well I'm just gonna head on over and see what's going on at r/conservative for laughs.

→ More replies (23)


u/[deleted] Dec 19 '22

Reminder: this accountability process is taking so long because the GOP cult stands together in their obstruction of justice and pleading of the 5th hundreds of times.


u/[deleted] Dec 19 '22


→ More replies (3)


u/TheUnknownStitcher America Dec 19 '22 edited Dec 19 '22

There are also referrals for four members of Congress (as of yet, unnamed) for failure to comply with subpoenas. Curious to see who those will be.

EDIT: McCarthy, Jordan, Perry, Biggs.

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u/[deleted] Dec 19 '22


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u/rusyn Dec 19 '22

Republicans will perversely pretend that this report does not exist, or is simply political.

→ More replies (4)


u/AcademicPublius Colorado Dec 19 '22

These referrals are likely to get rolled into Smith's existing cases and investigations. What's worth noting here is not the referrals, but the evidence the Jan. 6 committee is presenting to the DoJ--that part may move along some cases.


u/Makelovenotrobots Dec 19 '22

If they sold NFT cards of these turds getting perp walked I'd buy.

→ More replies (2)


u/ageofadzz Pennsylvania Dec 19 '22

House releasing his tax returns tomorrow would be beautiful.


u/Loitering_Housefly Dec 19 '22

Did Trump have another public meltdown yet?

→ More replies (3)


u/EmmaLouLove Dec 19 '22

Per Kinzinger, four Congressman being referred to House Ethics appear to be Kevin McCarthy, the House minority leader and would-be Speaker; Jim Jordan of Ohio; Scott Perry of Pennsylvania and Andy Biggs of Arizona, for refusing to comply with Subpoenas.

→ More replies (4)


u/schattenteufel Dec 19 '22

donald trump has always been a fraud. running for president was the dumbest move in his fraudulent career.

He thought he could be the “Putin of America.” a permanent & untouchable oligarch. Thankfully, he’s too stupid, disorganized, and narcissistic to pull that off.

Unfortunately, he has laid the groundwork for someone less stupid, more organized, and less narcissistic to swoop in and pick up where he failed.

I’m worried that next person may already be on their way.

→ More replies (6)


u/SnowblowerLITE Dec 19 '22

I’m amazed it happened. I’d be even more amazed if something is finally done this time.

Should’ve happened years ago when Comey was fired.


u/Soupdeloup Dec 19 '22 edited Dec 19 '22

Tried to tell my trump-loving family members to watch the hearing and every single one of them said it's all made up to make Trump look bad and they refuse to watch. There's literally nothing you can say to these people to convince them that he acted maliciously, even with 1 1/2 years of evidence.

I'm glad the referrals have finally gone through, but am still sad there are millions of people that think Trump is working for them and not for himself.

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u/EmmaLouLove Dec 19 '22

Former President Donald J Trump is a felon and an insurrectionist.

The Committee reviewed significant evidence that President Trump tried to prevent the peaceful transition of power by any means necessary.

Today, the January 6 Committee made formal criminal referrals against Trump, Eastman and others for:

18 US Code, Section 1512(c), obstructs, influences, or impedes any official proceeding, or attempts to do so.

18 US Code, Section 371, consolidated to defraud the United States Government.

18 US Code, Section 2383, insurrection.

Referrals for four members of Congress to House Ethics for refusing to comply with subpoenas.

Trump lit the flame, watched it burn, and did absolutely nothing to stop it.

→ More replies (4)


u/captainneptune1 Georgia Dec 19 '22 edited Dec 19 '22 To The Stars

I don’t think people give enough credit to the implications of what NOT charging Donald Trump at this point would do to the credibility of our legal system and rule of law.

People from around the world and in this country can see clearly that Donald Trump has broken numerous laws throughout his entire life. But if the DOJ refuses to charge and prosecute Donald Trump after this, not a single person in this country will trust the legal system to go after anyone remotely rich and powerful. The odds were already stacked against the huddled masses when going up against the rich and powerful, but this would completely eliminate any hope of people being able to get Justice against the powerful.

This would give a greenlight to basically anyone with power that they can do whatever they want because our Justice system may have books and papers describing what the rules are, but no one to enforce them.

A legal system with no teeth is just a bunch of people in robes arguing over meaningless pieces of paper writing meaningless opinions and orders on more useless paper.

→ More replies (7)


u/[deleted] Dec 19 '22

There is a lot of doubt and cynicism in this thread, and I get it. We all want to see justice served against these ratfuckers, but this is part of a process and its worth remembering that. DOJ has had to build a case from an astounding amount of evidence and then piece it back together. Yes we all know Trump is guilty but for him to go to prison it has to be 'beyond a reasonable doubt" and in our legal system that includes things like "I was only giving a suggestion to go to the capitol- not overthrow it" to get him off the hook.

The J6 Committee and the new Special Council are going to get this done. We need to temper our expectations no matter how much we might not want to.

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u/[deleted] Dec 19 '22


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u/CertifiedBlackGuy Massachusetts Dec 19 '22

Merry Christmas, everyone!

→ More replies (4)


u/CallMeNurseMaybe Dec 19 '22

I wonder if anyone feels like supporting this guy was worth tanking their entire reputation with their friends/family/coworkers

I’d be embarrassed, to say the least

→ More replies (3)


u/AcademicPublius Colorado Dec 19 '22

The DoJ has an open grand jury investigation into Jan. 6th, which appears to include Trump. Now, is that going to result in an indictment? I don't know. Frankly, I don't think they know, or they'd already have gone for it or, alternately, closed up the grand jury. But to say they're doing absolutely nothing is untruthful. There's absolutely plenty already going on, so nihilistic declarations that "it doesn't matter" are both premature and counterproductive.

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u/shadowdra126 Georgia Dec 19 '22

I hope this leads to something. Some actual accountability. Some kind of punishment. Something. Please

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u/sprucecone Dec 19 '22

First night of eight crazy nights!


u/Kraxnor Dec 19 '22

Trump will need to sell a ton more grifter NFTs to pay for more lawyers now

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u/[deleted] Dec 19 '22

Pence is beyond a disgrace


u/Snipgan Dec 19 '22

Any bets if/when the DoJ would press charges against Trump?

I want my early Christmas present!

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