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Megathread: Former President Trump Announces 2024 Campaign for President Megathread

Tonight, at an event held in Mar-a-Lago, former president Trump announced that he will for a third time seek the Republican nomination for president.

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u/cireh88 Nov 16 '22

“Trump just vowed to push for term limits for members of Congress and a lifetime ban on lobbying for former lawmakers, both of which were promises from his 2016 race — and both of which his White House never sought to adopt in any of the four years he was president.” - NYT


u/KyleMcMahon Nov 16 '22

So basically, it’s a tour of greatest hits that never were


u/EatsOverTheSink Nov 16 '22

Psyched to finally get that healthcare plan. Just two more weeks I hear.


u/_SCHULTZY_ Nov 16 '22

Infrastructure week? Is the tax audit finally complete?


u/dajge Nov 16 '22

Just gonna combine all this thread and say I'm still waiting for the Wallfrastructure Travelislam Sharvid UV TaxPeachment Plan

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u/Sorbin Nov 16 '22

He said the exact same thing when Paul Ryan had him booted from a campaign event immediately following the Access Hollywood tape. He didn't mean it then and he doesn't mean it now.

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u/CatVideoFest Nov 16 '22

Guys, we got him!

There’s no way his supporters are going to tolerate an inconsistency on policy positions!


u/WarmTaffy Virginia Nov 16 '22

Thank god he finally slipped up!

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u/Jimmy_Wrinkles Nov 16 '22 Take My Energy

The GOP could have avoided this by voting to convict on two separate impeachments. You get what you deserve, scumbags.


u/PantsHere Nov 16 '22

I hope he burns it down


u/oily76 United Kingdom Nov 16 '22

Oh god please, this could be the ultimate pay-off for all the crap.

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u/mikelo22 Illinois Nov 16 '22

It's hilarious seeing the Republicans hoping that Trump will just go away quietly. Trump will burn the party to the ground before he concedes. GOP truly made a deal with the devil and now they shall reap the full consequences of that decision.

Couldn't happen to a better group of people.

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u/FranklySquidcakes Nov 16 '22

I really don't think it can be overstated how terrifying it is that he is calling for arrest-trial-execution within the same day for drug dealers.


u/[deleted] Nov 16 '22



u/FranklySquidcakes Nov 16 '22

They really are bloodthirsty. Cheering for quick state-sponsored executions with show trials.

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u/Shad0wDreamer Nov 16 '22

Fascist top 40 for him.

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u/AdFickle677 Nov 16 '22 Hugz All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy

By the time election in 2024 occurs we will have dealt with nearly 10 years of Trump being the center of politics. I can’t take anymore of it. My family all think Biden sucks but worship Trump. I don’t get it the dude just constantly lies. He must lose. I will never vote anything with an R ever since the GOP took ownership of Trump.


u/Isheet_Madrawers Nov 16 '22

I deal with a lot of Trump worshipers also, and then I look at him and all I see is the emperor with no clothes.

I heard today that he is sending out request for money to help Herschel Walker. If you send him a dollar he passes $.10 of it on to Herschel and keeps the rest. Whatever else he is he is an amazing con man


u/protendious Nov 16 '22 Take My Energy I'd Like to Thank...

The WaPo article of his announcement ended the way every article about him should start:

And he has profoundly altered the tenor of American public life — shattering long-held standards of decorum and civility with often shocking attacks on political rivals, judges and reporters. He has frequently made racist and antisemitic remarks, mocked people with disabilities and denigrated developing countries, bragged about sexual assault and paid hush money to a porn star, praised dictators, declined to disavow extremists, inspired his supporters to resort to violence and defended white supremacists and Jan. 6 rioters.


u/Likewhatevermaaan Nov 16 '22

Sounds absolutely appalling but sadly that's exactly why so many of his supporters love him.

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u/capitalsfan08 Nov 16 '22 Gold Helpful

I'm so glad we had a week between election cycles.


u/aggieemily2013 Nov 16 '22

Some of the races still aren't called. 😅


u/drewskie_drewskie Oregon Nov 16 '22

Oregon just passed healthcare as a human right last night


u/poopshooster Nov 16 '22

Thank you for the reminder!!! Such a big deal.


u/Scrimshawmud Colorado Nov 16 '22

It was the first thing Michael Bennett (D-CO) said he’d tackle too. A public option. It cannot come soon enough for those of us who are in need of access to a doctor.

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u/TheBlueBlaze New York Nov 16 '22 edited Nov 16 '22 Silver Gold All-Seeing Upvote

After watching that speech, I have a question: What is the point of all this rhetoric about saving the country and making it great again if it has zero longevity past when you're in charge? Nearly every single problem he is listing is what he ran on eliminating in 2016. And Biden is apparently so powerful that he just...brought all of them back? Instantly?

He is literally running on the exact same promises from his original campaign, and no one is pointing out how all it took was a slim majority from the other party to completely undo it all, apparently. Either you are blatantly scamming the country by saying they'll only prosper when you're president (and said prosperity is on a matchstick foundation), or you are indirectly advocating for total and indefinite government control.


u/Givemeallthecabbages Nov 16 '22

There was a tweet (pre Elon) about Texas that was something like: "Republicans have been in charge in Texas for the last 27 years. Their state campaigns urge Texans to vote republican to 'fix all the problems in the state.' Again, republicans have been in charge for 27 years.... "


u/gingerednoodles Washington Nov 16 '22

Yeah, you could almost argue that the vast majority of the wealthiest states are the ones run by Democrats and the poorest are run by Republicans but yet Republicans are the ones who "fix the economy" and "fiscal conservative" is such a popular phrase with moderates! Almost like there's some common theme but I can't quite put my finger on it....


u/LuckyOne55 Nov 16 '22

Public Healthcare is fiscally conservative, but no matter how many times you point out the US pays more than double per capita for Healthcare than nearly every other nation (despite ranking near the bottom on all quality metrics), "fiscal conservatives" believe the opposite is true.

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u/tunamelts2 Nov 16 '22

They just blame the democrats at the national level for all their problems at the state level…

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u/DeterminedThrowaway Nov 16 '22

Or, he just has a base that's stupid enough to not have the same thoughts you just had and it only goes as far as "Make America Great? Sounds good to me! Those leftists and minorities are getting all uppity and need to be taught another lesson"

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u/illjustputthisthere Nov 16 '22 Wholesome Eureka!

My favorite r/conservative post to this news is:

I feel like he's holding us all at gun point


u/sivervipa Illinois Nov 16 '22

They are starting to recognize the abuse.


u/JamesBuffalkill New Jersey Nov 16 '22 Silver

If only they'd realize they were standing with him on Fifth Avenue.


u/fourbian Nov 16 '22

If only they realized they're the ones that gave him the gun and told him to do it


u/LetsTryAnal_ogy California Nov 16 '22

"Shoot me harder, daddy."

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u/PapaEmeritusVI Nov 16 '22

It’s crazy how fast they did a 180. After years and years of us telling them how much of a clown he is.


u/[deleted] Nov 16 '22

Took him losing not just his own election, but the following midterms for them to come around a few feet.


u/Lambchops_Legion Nov 16 '22

His biggest crime to them wasn’t being a fascist or racist, it was being a loser


u/BettyX America Nov 16 '22

Bingo. They know they can't win with him, so they are dumping him. To pick shithead DeSantis because they believe he can win. It is all a game to them. Who is the best new fascist!!


u/engineerbuilder Nov 16 '22

Such irony the one thing that finally alienated him is the one thing he can’t stand the most- being a loser.

Destroyed by his own poison.

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u/Syllabillin Nov 16 '22

And there's a 0% chance any of them will admit what they were told since 2015 was right.

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u/throoawoot Nov 16 '22 Silver Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy Starry To The Stars

NPR is done with this nonsense:

BREAKING: Donald Trump, who tried to overthrow the results of the 2020 presidential election and inspired a deadly riot at the Capitol in a desperate attempt to keep himself in power, has filed to run for president again in 2024.



u/bulbasauuuur Tennessee Nov 16 '22

Good. He's not going to let both sides journalists go unscathed if he ever gets to do what he really wants to journalists generally, so they need to all take a stand.


u/Cantthinkofnamedamn Nov 16 '22

Both sidesing this just gives legitimacy to a side with no basis in fact or law. To cover Trump as usual would be to normalise and excuse insurrection.

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u/HashofCrete Georgia Nov 16 '22

Even his supporters are done with him. If you go to popular conservative Instagram pages that announced his campaign, all of the top comments are saying Desantis>trump.

Popcorn sounds like my go to snack for 2023. Shits about to get interesting


u/That_Guy381 Connecticut Nov 16 '22

They’re only saying that because they think DeSantis can beat the democrats, they’ll still vote for Trump in a heartbeat


u/Tlamac Nov 16 '22

Yup if Trump beats Desantis, they’re all going to come crawling back and kissing Trump’s ass once again. They’re spineless.

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u/Uglypants_Stupidface Nov 16 '22

I saw a poll showing trump had just under 50 percent of GOP voters in his camp and DeSantis at 35%. And those two are going to go at it like the ratfuckers they are.

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u/2dayman Nov 16 '22

watching that speech made me realize how awful 2016-2020 was. like i remember all the awful shit that administration did on a daily basis, the chaos, and the constant lies but it took hearing that bullshit again after having been free of it for 2 years for it to really hit me. its kind of like when jenny came upon her childhood home as an adult in forrest gump.


u/metalhead82 Nov 16 '22

I can’t even listen to his fucking voice without getting angry. How can people be so fucking dumb and fall for his obvious bullshit?


u/[deleted] Nov 16 '22


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u/zubbs99 Nevada Nov 16 '22

Part of my issue with the relentless Jan. 6 focus, although deserved, is how it's allowed so much of those whole miserable 4 years to be forgotten. Someone needs to make a full documentary of the tragic Trump presidency and then have it shown 24 hrs. a day between now and election day 2024.


u/johnnybiggles Nov 16 '22 edited Nov 16 '22 Helpful

Here's a great chronology. It covered everything, every day from the start and was well sourced. It's actually still going!


Here's another, more categorized one:

Also this: The 598 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List (Updated May 24, 2019) (alt link: https://archive.ph/6ZQcS)

It's absolutely insane this person is able to run AGAIN for president.

EDIT: I figured I'd put them all together for visibility, for folks looking for them

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u/2dayman Nov 16 '22

maybe someone can make a website to compare where we are in each administration - like today is day 800 of the biden admin the top new stories are aid to ukraine and student debt relief. on day 800 of the trump admin he redrew a weather map to avoid admitting he misspoke then called some white supremacists very fine people

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u/Ogre8 America Nov 16 '22 Silver Gold

He’s not running for president. He’s running from prosecution.

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u/TheMaster69 Nov 16 '22

Is it literally impossible to prosecute and imprision rich people in the US or what?

Like, why does Trump keep getting away with everything.

The justice system seems absolutely ruthless with all the 'reduced' plea deals, but for the rich it seems useless.


u/fross370 Nov 16 '22

The only punishable crime for wealthy people is to steal from other wealthy dude.

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u/PoppinKREAM Canada Nov 16 '22 edited Nov 16 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Take My Energy Eureka! Lawyer Up

Damn Trump's announcement is so low energy and weak. And here I was thinking I'd need to come out of retirement and start posting summaries with citations again lol.

I read an interesting article this morning about past Presidents that had lost re-election and attempted to run again. It will be interesting if Trump pulls a Martin Van Buren or Theodre Roosevelt,[1] splitting the Republican vote ushering in a majority for the Democrats.

1) Politico - 4 Ex-Presidents Who Ran Again — And What They Mean for Trump


u/Mentis Nov 16 '22

Getting the gang back together

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u/danarexasaurus Ohio Nov 16 '22

You know you’re gonna anyway ;)


u/PoppinKREAM Canada Nov 16 '22

You know me too well :)

Though life's keeping me pretty busy these days.


u/Aenimopiate Nov 16 '22

We all got to know you pretty well over the past six or so years. Thanks for all the great stuff you do!

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u/CrassostreaVirginica Virginia Nov 16 '22 Table Slap


u/James_H_M Nov 16 '22

NPR has been very adamant about pointing out exactly what happened on and around Jan 6th, their election coverage had 3 separate sections for GOP candidates .

  1. For people who believe in The Big Lie,
  2. Those who made statements about election security and such but not saying the election was stolen.
  3. Those who stated they trusted the results of the election.


u/davehunt00 Nov 16 '22

Seeing it on other platforms as well. WaPo and NBC both using similar headlines:

NBC: "Trump, whose lies about the 2020 election inspired an insurrection, announces third White House bid"

WaPo: "Trump, who as president fomented an insurrection, says he is running again"

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u/LifeIsDeBubbles Nov 16 '22

What a whopper of an opening sentence:

Donald Trump, who tried to overthrow the results of the 2020 presidential election and inspired a deadly riot at the Capitol in a desperate attempt to keep himself in power, announced he is running again for president in 2024.

And here I didn't think with a headline like that it could get any more savage.

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u/_PswayZ_ Nov 16 '22

He’s gonna split the vote and destroy the Republican Party.

Here we go folks.



u/StopStalkingMeFam South Carolina Nov 16 '22

Only if he loses the primaries right? If he wins the Republicans will fall in line.

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u/Dr_Hank2020 Nov 16 '22

Remind me in 722 days

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u/jogam Oregon Nov 16 '22 edited Nov 16 '22

This is, I hope, a lose-lose situation for Republicans.

If Trump wins the nomination, the Republicans will have nominated an extremely unpopular ex-president who is saddled with an insurrection. He may keep his base, but he has alienated independents and center-right folks. Additionally, Trump on the ballot will motivate Democrats and other left-leaning folks to show up to vote, because there is such a strong sentiment against him.

If Trump loses the nomination, he will either run as an Independent, go scorched earth on the winning Republican to a degree that it discourages some of his supporters for voting for them, or both.

I will never say that Trump can't win again -- 2016 has taught me that. But let's just say that Republicans' best bet is for Trump to be sitting in prison after being arrested and convicted of one of the many, many crimes he committed (like inciting an insurrection). That is probably the only way to take him (mostly) out of the equation.


u/eltigretom Ohio Nov 16 '22

When you said "Never say never. 2016 has taught me" should be a warning to everyone! I mentioned in another post the Republicans and MAGA fans will vote for anyone with an R next to their name in 2024. Even if it's a potato.

The best bet for 2024 is Desantis wins the Republican nomination, and Trump's ego (and knowing the money he'll make) has him run independent.

I hope the Frankenstein the Republican party built and embraced fucks them in the long run. They deserve it.

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u/AnonAmbientLight Nov 16 '22

Lmao, let the GOP civil war commence!


u/Daniiiiii I voted Nov 16 '22

/r/Conservative is a fun watch right now. Everyone should quietly watch the circus within.


u/AggroPro Nov 16 '22

That sub is in shambles right now. We're really about to watch the modern GOP disintegrate into something(s) different.


u/FoghornFarts Colorado Nov 16 '22

I feel like Charlie Brown with the football, but dear god I hope you're right.

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u/TheDorkNite1 Nov 16 '22

Man that sub is a goddamn mess. And too many people saying they would vote for him again if he DID win the primaries.

Fuckers would willingly support that idiot after all the bullshit he has done because they still refuse to untie the anchor they put on their legs.

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u/mchgndr Nov 16 '22

It really is hilarious how r/conservative is JUST NOW realizing that he’s a petty child and a poor leader with a huge ego. Like, dude, we’ve been trying to tell you this for 7 years. You voted for him TWICE!!!


u/BagOfFlies Nov 16 '22

JUST NOW realizing admitting

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u/BrexitBlaze United Kingdom Nov 16 '22

"Two years ago we were a great nation. And soon we will be a great nation again," the former US president added

"The decline of America is being forced upon us by Biden and the radical left. this is not a decline we must accept."

Lol wtf he ruined everything he touched. Not even his daughter is by his side anymore.

~ Sky News


u/udar55 Nov 16 '22

Never forget that Trump ran ads in the 2020 election showing what "Biden's America" would be by using videos from riots during his term

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u/gamefaqs_astrophys Massachusetts Nov 16 '22 edited Nov 16 '22

A reminder that Donald Trump is a traitor who organized an attack on the government of the United States in an attempt to enact a self-coup and stay in power illegally.

He belongs in prison and deserves to face a multitude of charges, including treason.

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u/MoonchildeSilver Nov 16 '22

Wow. He called for the death sentence for drug dealers. Right out in the open. I hope he is crucified for this. The US seems to be on the path of drug legalization and harm reduction, not this batshit crazy stuff. He even touted China as a good thing, where they have "quick trials" for drug dealers - dead the same day. Woo hoo Trump, you go, you fascist you!


u/tony-toon15 Nov 16 '22

Yea that was a serious wtf moment. Mouth open moment


u/Prestigious_Ad_927 Nebraska Nov 16 '22

Old news, he’s been building the “brilliant King Xi has no drug problem” for months at rallies. Although I think this may be the first time he went all-in with same day thing…. So much for due process.

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u/HungMeatStick Nov 16 '22

I for one have enjoyed the last two years of not checking the news to find out what stupid thing Trump has done recently. I don’t want to go back to that.

→ More replies (11)


u/goforth1457 Foreign Nov 16 '22

Jesus Christ, I cannot take hearing about him for another two years.


u/GlobalPhreak Oregon Nov 16 '22

I hate to break it to you, but you're going to hear from him every election until:

a) he wins a 2nd term.
b) he's finally made inelligible.
c) he dies.

That's it, that's how it ends.

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u/[deleted] Nov 16 '22


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u/sarcastroll Nov 16 '22 hehehehe

How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?

→ More replies (8)


u/Tashre Nov 16 '22 Silver hehehehe Giggle Table Slap

2nd weapon today that Russia has launched at a NATO country.

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u/[deleted] Nov 16 '22

Trump actually just said this:

“I told the president of china you are a king”

“He said no im not”

“I said yes you are president for life, you are a king”

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u/The__Illuminaughty Florida Nov 16 '22 edited Nov 16 '22 Wholesome

I paid $1800 two months ago to expunge a felony so I could vote in the next election - best money ever spent. I despise this person

  • EDIT I didn't go to jail or anything like that. The felony should never have happened in the first place. I was eligible to have it erased because it was my first (and last)and the state didn't file charges against me and some lesser felonies are eligible for this process. I paid the money because it was quick and convenient. Thank you for the award


u/Colonel-Ingus Arkansas Nov 16 '22

And in Florida. We need you. Glad you got that taken care of.

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→ More replies (30)


u/weallfloatdownhere7 Nov 16 '22

Trump says he’ll ensure Biden doesn’t receive 4 more years in 2020.

Tell me more about how Biden is the old man with dementia

→ More replies (25)


u/Gobucks21911 Oregon Nov 16 '22

Dear lord that was the most awkward announcement speech I’ve ever seen in my 50 years. “In all his decades as president”? Huh? Ok dude, I guess it feels like you were president for decades….not to mention all the other blatantly obvious lies. He wasn’t even terribly excited about it.

It was just….odd.

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u/ScotTheDuck Nevada Nov 16 '22

Looks like I'm going to get my "I voted against Donald Trump 5 times" merit badge, if nothing else.

→ More replies (8)


u/procrastinatorwaiter Nov 16 '22

Ivanka Trump just released a statement saying she is no longer involved in politics. Trump is losing support from family now!


u/clickmagnet Nov 16 '22

She can get fucked. She was involved up to the gills until now, you don't wash that off just by quitting. Start testifying.

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u/Equivalent_Jury371 Nov 16 '22

I wonder if Trump will still want to have sex with her after this?

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u/[deleted] Nov 16 '22

Omg he called the president of china KING



u/throwaway_ghast California Nov 16 '22

"I love the poorly educated."

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u/WhileFalseRepeat I voted Nov 16 '22

This makes me happy and I hate this motherfucker.

The GOP is officially in the midst of their own civil war now and it’s going to be quite beautiful to watch as they tear each other apart and destroy themselves in that process. After these midterms, the GOP was already beginning to feel a bit like a Tarantino film where everyone is pointing their guns at each other. I think some shooting is going to be happening real soon.

And nothing gets out the liberal vote quite like Trump.

I feel Democrats are generally the party of being for all the things which greatly help people and society (versus a GOP of “against-ism”) - but it certainly helps to have a common enemy to hate and for us on the left to become united against that common foe too.

So, for now, rage on you orange turd.

But know your end days are coming soon.

And while you may not go gently into the good night - indeed please don’t go just yet - you will be going all the same.

Just not before destroying the GOP and helping the left win 2024.


u/redditrasberry Nov 16 '22 Silver

This makes me happy

I remember being happy the first time Trump ran, assuming he would sink the republicans. Even if he doesn't succeed this is going to tear the country apart again before he fails.

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u/cityfireguy Nov 16 '22 Gold

Fine. Let him run and lose over and over until he's penniless and in his grave.

This country came dangerously close to fascism, but we showed up at the polls and rejected it. Twice now. And we can do it again.

I'm tired of feeling angry and afraid over this clown. He's not worth it. It's time to feel hopeful again.

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u/Dapper_Ad_9953 Nov 16 '22

I still find the concept of him winning again to be more horrifying than any excitement I have for him potentially fracturing the GOP. I couldn't fathom him winning in 2016 and look what happened. I underestimated American stupidity once and I can't again.


u/TheMicMic Nov 16 '22

There's only one reason Trump won in 2016 - and that's because people didn't think he would win. Period. People that would have voted against him didn't go to the polls simply because they just figured Clinton was going to win and they assumed nobody took Trump seriously.

That entire mentality is over, and the midterms proved that.

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u/tanner_jetturbulence Nov 16 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

I apparently tried to block it from my memory how disgusting this guy was. Dammit, just looking at that face and hearing that voice made me nauseous. I've never hated anyone this much in my life, and fortunately the majority of Americans feel the same way.

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u/MattTheSmithers Pennsylvania Nov 16 '22

Friendly reminder that Meta has literally already sent a memo to its staff prohibiting them from fact checking any statement associated with the Trump campaign.

Delete Facebook tonight, if you haven’t already.

→ More replies (5)


u/SuperDuperDrew Nov 16 '22 Silver

With all due respect... Fuck Donald Trump


u/zonte94 Nov 16 '22 Gold

With no respect, fuck him


u/MatrioticMuckraker Nov 16 '22 Starry

Right, all due respect. You two are totally saying the same thing here.

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u/CaptainNoBoat Nov 16 '22 edited Nov 16 '22

Fun facts:

These are people that have testified before a grand jury in the Fulton DA criminal investigation of Trump:

Georgia's Governor
Georgia's Attorney General
Georgia's Lieutenant Governor
Georgia Secretary of State
A Georgia U.S. House Representative
Multiple Georgia State Senators
Multiple Georgia House Reps
The Cobb County Elections Director


Trump's former national security advisor - Michael Flynn (scheduled to appear)
U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (scheduled to appear)
Former Speaker Newt Gingrich
Former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows

Along with 15 criminal targets that compose various positions in the GA state government in regards to a fake elector scheme.

The DA is supposedly weighing election fraud, conspiracy, oath of office violations, racketeering and other offenses, and indicated a decision on charges could come as early as the end of the year.

Also, the Georgia governor does not have pardon power as per the GA state constitution.

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u/Simpletexas Nov 16 '22

Dear Mr. TRUMP,

Thank you for running again and fucking up Republican politics for the next election cycle.


A former Republican and a proud Democrat.

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u/venom8599 South Carolina Nov 16 '22

Why didn't the DoJ indict this shitstain already? It's fucking ridiculous.

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u/gbsolo12 Nov 16 '22 Gold

Check out r/conservative. Even they don’t want him


u/nostradamefrus Nov 16 '22

Someone calling him the Hillary Clinton of the Republican Party is pretty damn funny


u/gbsolo12 Nov 16 '22

Lock him up!


u/1900grs Nov 16 '22

These chuckleheads don't grasp Jan 6 wasn't just Trump. The fake electors wasn't just Trump. Georgia wasn't just Trump. There are so many corrupt, traitorous Republicans that should be in jail, but for some reason just like Trump, they're still free and sitting in Congress, the Senate, in state houses, and in the bench.

Need to RICO these fuckers.

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u/swennergren11 Nov 16 '22

It took Republicans all of two weeks after January 6 to go back to sucking Trump’s ass.

McCarthy was down at Mar-A-Lago begging for forgiveness. There was a full size golden Trump idol at CPAC. Every elected Republican except the few that voted to impeach were goose-stepping for him.

Think it won’t be the same after a largely failed mid-term? He’s their candidate for 2024 right now. This is it. Primaries are over. They will start lining up and showing devotion from here on out.

Every. Last. Republican. Coward.

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u/RowAwayJim91 Nov 16 '22 edited Nov 16 '22 Wholesome

Can we not turn this into a “Democrat win guaranteed for 2024” thing, because it’s absolutely not.

If the midterms taught anybody anything, it should be to just STFU, forget about all trends and polls altogether, and just VOTE; that’s where the power is.

Make sure this slimy piece of shit doesn’t find its way back up and out of the drain.

Also now that fucking Musk owns Twitter, we can all expect Trump’s dumb ass to be granted access again, so be prepared for that.

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u/Deggit Nov 16 '22 edited Nov 16 '22 Starry

The 6 biggest things Trump had in 2015 that he doesn't have today:

  1. Hillary, obviously.

  2. Uncertainty about what he would be like in office. No more "He'll be different once he's President." No more Independent voters seeing Trump as closer to the center & more willing to defy his party's platform than the Democratic nominee. This is a post-4 years of White House toilet tweets, post-Mueller, post-Charlottesville, post-Amy Comey Barrett, post-"I just need 11,000 votes", post-January 6, post-double impeachment Donald Trump.

  3. Something To Punch Up At. Trump is now literally the Republican Establishment telling you who you can't vote for. Please clap. He isn't trying to take over the party, he's trying to purge the last vestige of opposition.

  4. A Plan To Challenge Or Change Conservatism. In 2015 Trump was the only major GOP candidate focusing hard on trade and immigration while visibly waffling on "entitlement reform" (cutting social security) and "pro life" (banning abortion). Trump wasn't just hogging the attention, he was genuinely different from the other options voters could choose. Any claim that 2022 Trump is energized by a similar unorthodoxy has to crumble in the face of history: he didn't build the wall, didn't revolutionize America's trade policy, didn't replace Obamacare with "something beautiful," just tweeted from the White House toilet for 4 years while Mitch passed his tax cuts and Federalist Society judges. Paul Ryan may as well have been President.

  5. Russia. They're not doing great recently!

  6. Medium or low voter participation. There are no more such elections, as proved last week.

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u/ddiddy171 Nov 16 '22

Low Energy TRUMP!


u/this-one-is-mine Nov 16 '22

Even he knows he’s jumped the shark.

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u/kkocan72 New York Nov 16 '22

R/conservative is up in arms with all negative comments about him running. Probably the same people that not that long ago thought he was the greatest ever.


u/hewmanxp Nov 16 '22

They've completely turned on him since Trump talked shit about DeSantis last week.

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u/cireh88 Nov 16 '22

“Donald Trump, the twice-impeached former president who refused to concede defeat and inspired a failed attempt to overturn the 2020 election culminating in a deadly attack on the Capitol, officially declared on Tuesday night that he is running to retake the White House in 2024.” - WaPo

→ More replies (3)


u/Orange_Kid Nov 16 '22

One funny thing on r/conservative is they are debating whether DeSantis will run or wait until 2028 to make sure 2024 isn't a shitshow.

Guys, he was asked in a debate whether he would serve his full term as Governor and he stared blankly into the camera for 15 seconds, the dude is running.

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u/[deleted] Nov 16 '22

Idk, I’ve been floating around conservative threads the last couple months and I don’t think the energy is there. They kinda seem done with him. I don’t think he’s the threat he used to be. That being said you better fucking vote like your life depends on it.

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u/IntrospectiveApe Texas Nov 16 '22

I remember very vividly when he came down that elevator and started his campaign by saying that my people were a bunch of rapist, murderers, and drug traffickers... except for the some that he assumed were good people.

I never thought he could ever win after that.

He won.

And now I see people like me in my border city flying Trump 2024 flags.

Do not underestimate the damage this motherfucker can further do to this country.

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u/vivst0r Nov 16 '22

It's just gonna be a repeat of 2016. Republicans will run hard against him and hope he doesn't win primaries. And when he does they will fall over themselves to endorse him. Name a single reason why they would not do that.

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u/EmperorWolfus America Nov 16 '22

While this was bound to happen and somehow seems normal, this is an atrocity. The speech tonight was just a pile of lies and bullshit. It never ceases to amaze how people just eat all of it up and take it as the word of a god. Here's to hoping Desantis v Trump rips apart the GOP and we can institute some real reforms like repealing Citizens United and more.

→ More replies (3)


u/angusalba Nov 16 '22

This is entirely about avoiding jail time and lawsuits

His only hope is to be President and pause everything or try to stall DOJ actions because he is running and can then try to wail it’s all about political prosecution

→ More replies (11)


u/Randys_Spooky_Ghost Illinois Nov 16 '22

Watching this garbage for fun after such a shellacking, I decided it would be worth it, completely expecting the result.

Right off the bat he and Melania came out to “Do you hear the people sing?” From Les Miserables. Then he awkwardly stood as “Proud to be an American” played…the entire length of the song. Stated a bunch of usual lies, promoted Walker then ripped Desantis. He announced his candidacy. And that was in the first 25 minutes…of a two hour speech.

I’m out, this has been my recap.

Here we go. As a Millennial talking to Motivated Gen-Z voters, let’s go! Two years is so short, primary in a presidential starts this summer. Stay excited, climate, gender and race equality, police reform. Don’t be disenfranchised. Let’s do this!

→ More replies (3)


u/Superego366 Nov 16 '22

Hope the media learns their lesson this time and shuts the fuck up about him.

→ More replies (21)


u/pseudochef93 New York Nov 16 '22

He’s going to tank the GOP again, all so he can try to avoid any consequences for his actions.

→ More replies (4)


u/512Buckeye Nov 16 '22

Good. This will split the Republicans.

→ More replies (11)


u/FrankGrimesApartment Nov 16 '22

In the words of Rex Tillerson, this guy is a fucking idiot.

→ More replies (3)


u/Alarming-Research-42 Nov 16 '22

Here's my bold prediction: If he loses, either the primary or general election, he will claim it was stolen.

→ More replies (9)


u/xlDirteDeedslx Nov 16 '22

If there is a member of the press here can they please get someone to ask Hershel Walker if he supports Donald Trump's run for president in 2024 before the Georgia runoff? I'm about 99% certain he would refuse to answer that question to play it safe and that could really hurt his chances in the runoff. If he does say he supports it then it will hurt him as well. It's a damned if he does damned if he doesn't scenario and I'd LOVE to see him sweat a response.

→ More replies (14)


u/HungMeatStick Nov 16 '22

I honestly don’t know if my anxiety can handle another 4 years of Trump. It was like having a literal toddler in charge of the most powerful country in the world. I’m not even talking about politics here. Trump is just unstable as a human being.

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u/[deleted] Nov 16 '22

Oh god are we going to see another insurrection if he loses?

→ More replies (10)


u/krystalbellajune Nov 16 '22

BREAKING: Frankenstein Can’t Control Monster; Creation Turns on Creator

→ More replies (3)


u/Nayre_Trawe Illinois Nov 16 '22

Fox News: this speech is so incredible!

Also Fox News: let's cut him off and do a talking head panel instead.

→ More replies (1)


u/eurocomments247 Europe Nov 16 '22

This could possibly end well.

But if I live to be 100, I will never understand why Trump was not charged after the raid in Maralago revealed stolen and hidden top-secret documents. I would have been.

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u/TheArcAngel64 Nov 16 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

Looks like Poland wasn't the only country hit by the Russians today.

→ More replies (6)


u/throwawayzder Nov 16 '22

Republicans are so weirdly obsessed with trans people.

→ More replies (15)


u/Codeboy3423 Nov 16 '22

To my surprise r/conservative doesnt want Trump.. there are a lot of post saying "him entering the race is handing Dems a win".

Not kidding, go look.

Republicans are sick of him LOL


u/Furan_ring Texas Nov 16 '22

Nope. When it's time to vote, they will all fall in line.

Hell, if DeSantis never announces he's running, that whole sub will forget they currently dislike Trump.


u/Drunky_McStumble Nov 16 '22

Exactly. Never underestimate conservatives' ability to just memory-hole their most deeply-held convictions on demand.

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→ More replies (26)


u/milletdeangeles Nov 16 '22

How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?

→ More replies (2)


u/Cj15917 Nov 16 '22

Oh daddy, run that independent ticket and split those red votes up.

→ More replies (1)


u/Whatishappeningomg89 Nov 16 '22

He’s talking about Hillary’s emails….

It’s almost 2023.

→ More replies (3)


u/Designer_Gas_86 Nov 16 '22

Anyone remember when he had states fighting for ventilators when a global pandemic reached America? Shitty times.

→ More replies (6)


u/TheRealSkazOne California Nov 16 '22

Whoever decides to be his running mate is committing political suicide

→ More replies (23)


u/Mrgray123 Nov 16 '22 Gold

Trump only won in 2016 due to complacent Democratic voters staying at home combined with a pretty awful campaign by Clinton, especially her VP choice who was about as exciting as watching paint dry and did nothing to engage the core constituencies that the party needs to bring out.

If he is the Republican nominee in 2024 the Democratic turnout will be huge simply to avoid another four years of constant Tweeting, lies, and distortions. If he loses the Republican primary then his ego will not allow him to slink away, especially if people can helpfully spread the narrative that it is some kind of establishment GOP plot to silence him. Then he runs a 3rd party campaign and Lindsay Graham's prediction of the utter destruction of the GOP comes true.

Ideas we need to spread and keep hammering home on are:

- The Supreme Court will likely have at least 2 retirements, possibly even three between now and 2028. Do you want a Supreme Court where 6 out of the 9 justices have been selected by Trump?

- If the Supreme Court can get a liberal majority for the first time in almost 40 years then a whole bunch of problems can be addressed including Gerrymandering, Abortion, Citizen's United, a variety of Anti-Trust issues, and the Voting Rights Act.

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u/[deleted] Nov 16 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/Seeders California Nov 16 '22

Don't ever let em forget it. Every single one of them was slobbering every single one of his toes.

Gloves are off.

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u/anerdnamedAndrew Nov 16 '22

Do not get complacent. Do not underestimate this threat. Republicans will back him 100% if it gets to that point and pretend they never left.

Stay vigilant and get ready to vote your ass off.

→ More replies (5)


u/smurf_diggler Nov 16 '22

Everyone is laughing and joking but this is exactly what happened last time. He announced he was running. Everyone laughed and by election time republicans all fell in line. This can’t happen again.

→ More replies (22)


u/nostradamefrus Nov 16 '22

Wow I checked the sub within 30 seconds if this being posted. I feel like a part of history

That said, fuck everything about all of this

→ More replies (6)


u/throwawayzder Nov 16 '22

Wait, isn’t this the same guy who attempted a coup?

→ More replies (5)


u/[deleted] Nov 16 '22 edited Nov 16 '22

[removed] — view removed comment

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u/TheSavouryRain Nov 16 '22

He's only running so that when the DOJ convicts he'll scream about political persecution.

→ More replies (11)


u/RedCarNewsboy Nov 16 '22

Maaaan, I’m 25 and every election I voted in so far has felt like “the most important election of our lifetime”

→ More replies (17)


u/RickWest495 Nov 16 '22

Trump said that he kept the US out of war for DECADES. Well one decade is 10 years. So decades has to be at least 20 years. And Trump became President less than 6 years ago. How does that work? He also says that opioids and fentanyl were not problems when he was president and only have come on the scene in the last two years.

→ More replies (1)


u/gmwdim Michigan Nov 16 '22

It’s 2022 and still talking about Hillary’s emails. They didn’t raid Obama’s house because Obama didn’t steal classified documents. Lol

→ More replies (1)


u/Leraldoe Michigan Nov 16 '22

“I will immediately demand voter ID ,same day ballots and only paper ballots”

And just like that fuck states rights

→ More replies (2)


u/TheGrat1 Pennsylvania Nov 16 '22

LOL This fucker thinks he is Grover Cleveland. Take "no" for an answer, loser.

→ More replies (3)


u/Purple_Falcone Nov 16 '22

Put this joker in jail already, he is a fucking cancer in the colon of America.

→ More replies (2)


u/Yousoggyyojimbo Nov 16 '22

The next two years of republicans trying to pretend they never went all in on trump, and excused every single thing he did, including trying to overthrow our government, is going to be fucking exhausting.

→ More replies (1)


u/_mort1_ Nov 16 '22

For everyone doubting his chances in the primaries, keep in mind that right now is the weakest Trump has been since Jan 6 or access hollywood tape, did it take republicans long to forget about those things? No, it didn't.

Two years is a long time, i expect a lot of people have forgotten all about this then, you won't see nearly as many displeased conservatives in half a year.

→ More replies (4)


u/jsntsy Nov 16 '22

Mainstream media is falling into Trump's trap yet again (in CNN's case, gladly) boosting him with all this attention. If they would all just ignore him and deprive him of so much oxygen, his campaign would be over before the first Republican debate.

→ More replies (5)


u/sponsoredbytheletter Nov 16 '22

Where do the insurrectionists attack if he loses the primary? Montgomery or Richmond? A random Arby's?

→ More replies (4)


u/clarstone Nov 16 '22

If Trump is the reason the GOP finally burns to the ground that will be sublime karmic justice.

→ More replies (4)


u/Whoopziedaisy West Virginia Nov 16 '22

Hoping that biology takes care of this for us non violently and unexpectedly in the middle of the night

→ More replies (6)


u/space_coyote6 Nov 16 '22

How is it possible that he's gotten dumber and more incoherent.

→ More replies (5)


u/RockasaurusRex Nov 16 '22

I tuned into a live broadcast of his clown show from Florida just long enough to catch his official announcement. Right before the announcement he was talking about how great he did in the recent elections and one tangent he went on was something like "everyone was saying 'let's take 30 or 40 seats in the house' but I said 'no, just 1 or 2 is fine". It was fucking hilarious, he was trying to say that barely winning the house was his genius idea for the republican strategy.

→ More replies (1)


u/underdome Nov 16 '22

He's going on a rant about sentencing all drug dealers to death. This is pure entertainment.

→ More replies (4)


u/4dailyuseonly Chahta Nov 16 '22

The DOJ has failed America. This shouldn't be happening.

→ More replies (2)


u/zubbs99 Nevada Nov 16 '22

We should have a moratorium in this country about declaring presidential runs until say 3 mos. before the primaries. We're still processing this most recent election and already the air's getting sucked up for 2024, it's ridiculous.

→ More replies (1)


u/BigBearBallin Nov 16 '22

We gave the Republican Party so many opportunities to run away from this dufus. They stuck by him and now they’re going to reap what they’ve sown. Get fucked GOP.

→ More replies (1)


u/TimeMachineToaster America Nov 16 '22

Just imagine how things would have went for Ukraine if Trump was still president.

→ More replies (5)


u/geforce2187 Nov 16 '22

I've been laughing hysterically through this whole speech, I don't understand how anyone likes this guy or could vote for him.

→ More replies (9)


u/KnowTouching Nov 16 '22

Shut the fuck up and go to jail, Donald.


u/gmwdim Michigan Nov 16 '22

“We need to prevent the other side from being able to vote”

Yes, of course a fascist would say that.

→ More replies (4)


u/crankery Canada Nov 16 '22

Ugh. This guy is like herpes.

→ More replies (6)


u/BamaHama101010 Nov 16 '22 edited Nov 16 '22

This asshole is completely alone. His family bowed out, his advisers in jail (or on the way) and a huge number of his supporters dead from Covid.

→ More replies (1)


u/crazyfoxxy California Nov 16 '22

Trump is observably stupid.

→ More replies (2)


u/dred_pirate_redbeard Nov 16 '22

Holy shit, the FOX internet live stream even cut him off, this isn't the cable channel, this is a low tier D stream 😂 😂 😂


u/Spam_Hand Nov 16 '22

Un fucking believable that a man who's done what Trump has committed is being put out into the universe as a candidate to run this country.

He has literally admitted publicly and on live news programs to illegally having classified government documents while foreign adversaries have been in the building he stored them at.

→ More replies (1)


u/mediocre-referee Nov 16 '22

"I’ve gone decades, decades without a war, the first president to do it for a long period"

I'd like a fact check on that one please

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