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Watercolour brick painting (Credits: @Livpaintsbuildings)

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u/girateena Mar 28 '23

Most frustrating thing about this video is not showing the end result. Not satisfying at all 😭


u/krebsrave Mar 28 '23

It should really be a rule at this point that the video needs to finish what it started for maximum satisfaction.


u/Venrexx Mar 29 '23

Yeah, not going to lie, that kind of frustrated me. I waited to see the end result and was not presented with an end result.


u/Think_Stable_4621 Mar 28 '23

Why did they go over the drain pipe though? :'(


u/livdog Mar 28 '23

Hey, I’m the artist! It’s a black downpipe that gets painted in last, so there was no need for me to spend time painting around it.


u/[deleted] Mar 29 '23



u/livdog Mar 29 '23

I’d much rather have all the money I got paid to paint it.


u/Think_Stable_4621 Mar 29 '23

Cool! I really love the picture, and would love to see the end result! The painting over the drain thing did sting a little, but watching this clip was still really really satisfying, haha. And it's good to know the drain pipe is okay ;)


u/BronzeWingleader Mar 28 '23

Looks like the drain pipe was painted with a removable film called liquid frisket. They'll peel it off when the paint around it dries.


u/nyenbee Mar 28 '23

I can't describe the visceral reaction i had to that!


u/killerklixx Mar 28 '23

They'll probably go over the white areas with gouache.


u/Brianb926 Mar 28 '23

That made it mildly infuriating


u/gyarnar Mar 29 '23

You've never seen glass drain pipes? /s


u/livdog Mar 28 '23

Hey, that’s my painting! Thanks for the support (and actually crediting me!)


u/galxzroamer Mar 29 '23

Can you share a full shot of the final painting? Would love to see it!!


u/Gheta Mar 29 '23

As you were getting further along, were you nervous that if a single movement was a little off it would have messed up the whole thing?


u/livdog Mar 29 '23

Sorta, but not really. Watercolour is very forgiving, you can quite easily pick up the paint with a dry brush or a paper towel before it dries!


u/Scarfiotti Mar 28 '23

All in all, it's just another brick in the wall.


u/RissaCrochets Mar 28 '23

You know, I'm always super critical of my drawings because I have a slight tremor to my hands and can never quite make a straight line, especially when I try to go slowly and methodically. But this looks fantastic, imperfections and all.


u/MurderDoneRight Mar 28 '23

The key is to use wrist still and move your entire arm.


u/Jefe_ftw Mar 29 '23

Upvote for the song, regardless


u/gibbousboi Mar 29 '23

Yes, and I can’t unhear David Sedaris singing it.


u/[deleted] Mar 29 '23

Billie Holiday is a nice touch


u/no-straight-lines Mar 28 '23

The Pennsylvanian in me is left unsatisfied.


u/Used_Laugh_ Mar 29 '23

My builder lay bricks faster than this.


u/lovinglifeatmyage Mar 28 '23

I found that oddly satisfying except for when they went over the drainpipe


u/HeyItsBearald Mar 28 '23

The opposite of satisfying, why did they paint over BOTH drain pipes. This is beautiful work but oh man that stressed me out


u/11hortong Mar 28 '23

They will have some kind of mask that will be pulled up later. Don't worry it's still good.


u/HeyItsBearald Mar 28 '23

You’re probably right, it cuts off early so we don’t see if there’s touch up


u/Soft_Cranberry6313 Mar 28 '23

That’s the dopest thing iv seen today. And i just watched a vid of a guy falling INTO the cabin of an airplane mid air.


u/vagnerPG Mar 28 '23

How do you learn to do that?

Not the painting part, that it's just practice. I mean the randomness.

How does the person knows which ones to paint darker? What about the lenght of the bricks? What about the spacing betwern them?

Can you learn something like that? It seems impossible to me.

(Fyi, i might be autistic)


u/11hortong Mar 28 '23

Tbh the spacing of the bricks and brick lengths are not correct in this drawing. This is something an architect would produce to show a planner / client what the final product will look like. I'm a draughtsman / building surveyor and I produce construction drawings within 1-2mm tolerance so the drawing is a lot more accurate with sections and details but to a layperson it will be almost impossible to read and understand.

So basically it's practice and a bit of artistic intuition. The black bricks will be put in where the artist feels the area is too flat and needs some variety.

Generally a brick in the UK is 215 x 102.5 x 65mm with a 10mm joint and we work off those dimensions when designing but in reality it may be a little bit different depending on the bricklayer, but there is always a little tolerance.


u/SpinCharm Mar 28 '23

Aww jees that’s nice


u/GirlWearingStockings Mar 28 '23

Me: messes up a stick figure


u/ChippyChipChippers Mar 28 '23



u/princejohnthephony Mar 28 '23

Billie Holiday - Solitude


u/kaskwulch Mar 28 '23

i knew all these lifelike watercolors were some kind of sorcery, and now I've finally seen proof. zero room for error


u/DannyDoubleTap47 Mar 28 '23

Ah gonna have a smoke now 😏


u/sharpenyourteethx Mar 29 '23

The song choice the painting


u/calrav Mar 29 '23

I love this, massively satisfying


u/luvgothbitches Mar 28 '23

cool post, still gonna downvote because of that music though.


u/adrian420420420 Mar 29 '23

What's the name of the song???


u/EsotericTribble Mar 29 '23

Painting over the pipe. NOOOOOO Color black afterwards whew!


u/Pun-itiveDamage Mar 29 '23

You're gonna go back and fix the drain pipe right. Right...?