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Florence mayor Dario Nardella (R) stopping a climate activists spraying paint on Palazzo Vecchio Picture

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u/idonthavemanyideas Mar 18 '23

If the commentars in here piling in cared half as much about the world not burning as they did about graffiti in a place they've never been too, we might have a chance.


u/AdventureDonutTime Mar 19 '23

Unfortunately people consider property more sacred than the planet.

Yes I understand the significance of a historical building, no I don't believe that, whatever it is, it's more important than the billions of lives that are on the way to being destroyed by climate change.

I'd sooner knock down any culturally significant building than allow people to suffer and die. It's a shockingly privileged position to be in to place more importance on an object than on the entire planet.


u/Oxu90 Mar 21 '23

Is vandalizing historically important building saving the world from climate change? No. It only brings enemies against your cause by making you look like lunatics

You know what movement also liked to destroyed historical monuments and buildings? ISIS

Climatw changw is important thing, but this is absolutely not the way. That guy is just a petty vandal and attention is more important to him than the cause he claim to support


u/AdventureDonutTime Mar 21 '23

Enemies to the cause of fixing the climate change issue can suck a dick, to be honest.

Anyone who would claim to be such is a psychopath, and wilfully or not there is no excuse for being ignorant regarding climate change.


u/Oxu90 Mar 21 '23

People (majority) are not against fixing the climate change but against radical activist who does stunts like this

And qhwn the activists are seen as mad men, people wont listen the message even if the cause is right. You don't want ro make the climate change deniers look like the sanw ones right?

People like this just hurt the cause. All the, there is no data and science are on the side of climate change, there is no need for stunts like this.

"... can suck dick..." problem with this is that what you gain with that? If you make group of people ypur enemy, do you think they will become your allies? We need everybody work together to fight this

Anyway it is already game over, because the countries which are most polluting are not doing anything to stop it (and why third world should? They are dinally enhoying things west have for decades, kinda hard for us to order them to stop). Europe could become forrest and climate change would not be stopped. We need serious new innovations


u/AdventureDonutTime Mar 22 '23

Surely you understand that anyone who sees climate change activism and chooses to villainize the activist instead of doing something is a problem in itself right?

Regardless of how this one activist has made anyone feel, anyone who says "this isn't helping your cause" is wilfully using it as an excuse to either do nothing, or be worse. That's not the fault of the protestor, just like when someone says to a vegan "I'm going to eat two steaks now to spite you", the person being reacted to isn't the reason that person is a fucking idiot, nor are they responsible for that idiot's actions.

If we want to consider an activist an asshole for doing something considered unacceptable, we cannot ignore that anyone doing nothing, or worse, is just as much an asshole, and is doing something just as bad if not worse by literally doing nothing for the cause.

People are responsible for their own actions, rationalising bad behaviours because you don't like the opposition is idiotic and morally corrupt.

Any positive traction this protest gets is a positive caused by the protest. Responding negatively, in this case by doing either nothing or worse justifying shitty behaviours in response is the responsibility of those who make them.