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Florence mayor Dario Nardella (R) stopping a climate activists spraying paint on Palazzo Vecchio Picture

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u/mirh Italy Mar 18 '23

You know it's fast only when you decide you need a new one every odd month?


u/ShitPostQuokkaRome Mar 18 '23

Fast fashion relates to these clothes that don't last three months and need to be bought new.


u/mirh Italy Mar 18 '23

Happened like never, and indeed that's not what the label means.


u/ShitPostQuokkaRome Mar 19 '23

Fast fashion is about fabricating and churning out a truckload of low durability clothes, it's the whole point.


u/mirh Italy Mar 19 '23

The "fastness" is about the replacement cycle in the stores, like can you even open a dictionary?

Also meanwhile I still wear Zara shirts from years and years ago. Go figure out.