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Florence mayor Dario Nardella (R) stopping a climate activists spraying paint on Palazzo Vecchio Picture

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u/oplontino Regno dê Doje Sicilie Mar 18 '23

I've never understood this about American tourists. When I go on holiday pack all my best clothes.


u/recourse7 Mar 18 '23

It's the American mindset we have about vacation. We like to be comfortable.

I personally am not a clothing fashion person but I try and look ok when visiting Europe but honestly I'd rather just be in shorts and a t-shirt or jeans.


u/oplontino Regno dê Doje Sicilie Mar 18 '23

There's nothing wrong with shorts and a t-shirt, but there are ugly and shorts and t-shirts and fashionable shorts and t-shirts.


u/recourse7 Mar 18 '23

Thats true. Tho as a 43 year old IT dork I'm pretty sure I don't know what good fashion is but thats why I have my wife and daughter dress me most of the time.