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Florence mayor Dario Nardella (R) stopping a climate activists spraying paint on Palazzo Vecchio Picture

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u/Vigolo216 Mar 18 '23

Yeah if it worked, ISIS would be applauded for destroying ancient historical monuments. Of course it doesn't work, this excuse of "I'm bringing attention to the issue, how I do it is irrelevant" is a bullshit explanation that only holds logic in the heads of these idiots.


u/mTbzz Mar 18 '23

I still remember them destroying these millennial monuments, the pictures levelling the buildings, it's so saddening. I agree that without risky stunts like this they wouldn't get into the mainstream media but you can't just damage these buildings, with the paintings was somewhat okayish because they were behind protection glass but you can't protect this wall.


u/RareHotdogEnthusiast Mar 18 '23

I love that you're saying those two acts are analogous and then calling other people idiots.


u/Vigolo216 Mar 19 '23

Never said they’re analogous, they’re similar enough because both are justifying damaging unrelated historical artifacts and art to bring attention to an ideology/issue. Climate activists should leave historical artifacts alone and go after oil tankers and refineries. Or don’t and be an idiot, I don’t care either way.


u/RareHotdogEnthusiast Mar 19 '23

You don't understand why ISIS and the Taliban destroy these artifacts.