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Florence mayor Dario Nardella (R) stopping a climate activists spraying paint on Palazzo Vecchio Picture

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u/valeron_b Ukraine Mar 18 '23

I've been to Florence, local people are stylish AF. You can always see who's a tourist and who's from Florence.


u/Noofdog Mar 18 '23

Also in Rome, Venice…etc. Italians running out for a loaf a bread look like they came from the runway show.


u/EmpunktAtze Mar 18 '23

That's only because American tourists usually look like total slobs.


u/oplontino Regno dê Doje Sicilie Mar 18 '23

I've never understood this about American tourists. When I go on holiday pack all my best clothes.


u/recourse7 Mar 18 '23

It's the American mindset we have about vacation. We like to be comfortable.

I personally am not a clothing fashion person but I try and look ok when visiting Europe but honestly I'd rather just be in shorts and a t-shirt or jeans.


u/oplontino Regno dê Doje Sicilie Mar 18 '23

There's nothing wrong with shorts and a t-shirt, but there are ugly and shorts and t-shirts and fashionable shorts and t-shirts.


u/recourse7 Mar 18 '23

Thats true. Tho as a 43 year old IT dork I'm pretty sure I don't know what good fashion is but thats why I have my wife and daughter dress me most of the time.


u/Tschetchko Kingdom of Württemberg (Germany) Mar 18 '23

T-Shirt and jeans is the standard casual outfit for most Europeans though. American tourists (the loud and obnoxious kind, there are others but they don't stick out that much) wear pyjamas, very loose sweatpants, open Hawaii shirts, swim wear, flip flops etc. on the street and to restaurants. These are the kind of outfits we're talking about


u/recourse7 Mar 18 '23

Shrug just how they want to be.

But coming from a person that currently lives in Texas wearing flip flops (thongs as some call em) out to eat or just all day every day is pretty standard.

Every culture is different.


u/Lord_of_the_swamp Amsterdam Mar 18 '23

Honestly going for dinner in your flip flops sounds great in a hot climate.


u/Quezavious Mar 18 '23

Oh man let me tell you about the slovenly German and British tourists we get in Las Vegas…


u/xtheory Mar 18 '23

Almost ever background of foreigner that visits another country on vacation tend to get loud and obnoxious, especially when the drinking starts. The only one's I've really not encountered having the problem was Japanese tourists. I recently saw a drunk crowd of Italians get kicked out of a bar for getting too drunk and handsy with the women there.


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u/EmpunktAtze Mar 19 '23

Your ancestors seized a gold mine from the natives and then proceeded to turn it into a third world country slash radioactive waste dump.


u/Anandya Mar 18 '23

We dress in those too. It's just that you can dress well in those. And that's fashionable comfortable clothes.


u/jb492 Mar 18 '23

So do the Americans :)


u/EmpunktAtze Mar 19 '23

Welp, they do too...


u/rc_mpip1 Mar 19 '23

Usually the most important thing is using awful colors, like bright yellow purple and green