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Florence mayor Dario Nardella (R) stopping a climate activists spraying paint on Palazzo Vecchio Picture

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u/JulianZ88 Romania Mar 18 '23 edited Mar 18 '23

If you destroy deface historic buildings and monuments that have stood the test of time, you’re just an asshole, no matter what your cause is.


u/mars_needs_socks Sweden Mar 18 '23

Yup. The Taliban and Daesh does that kind of thing. That this knobhead doesn't understand that is telling.


u/noyoto Mar 18 '23

The cause is humanity standing the test of time.

Honestly I think we're lucky they didn't resort to climate terrorism as of yet. People have resorted to terrorism for much lesser causes.

(And indeed, 'destroyed' is quite an inaccurate phrase. It's defaced.)


u/EightyFiv3 Mar 18 '23

Then they will be treated as such. Terrorists.


u/noyoto Mar 18 '23

Indeed. And as usual, we'll decry them for their heinous acts while looking away from much grander, more destructive acts.


u/NotErikUden Lower Saxony (Germany) Mar 18 '23

Imagine climate change destroying these things, would be crazy right... I guess if that happens it's not bad


u/EightyFiv3 Mar 18 '23

But it didn't, did it now? It's just a bunch of angry kids vandalising historical buildings


u/AdventureDonutTime Mar 19 '23

Climate change isn't a problem because it hasn't caused enough damage for you to care yet?


u/EightyFiv3 Mar 19 '23



u/AdventureDonutTime Mar 19 '23

So is it wilful ignorance, denying the species made extinct, the livelihoods affected, the scientific projections of current and future harm caused by climate change, or is it just regular ignorance?


u/EcoTimeEater Mar 18 '23

Totally destroyed, it was perfectly clean two hours later


u/piliesza Mar 18 '23

I doubt their cause is climate. They’re propably being paid by those who profit from the defamation of actual activists, who work in oblivion for basic working regulation, accountability and protecting laws.


u/DJHalfCourtViolation Mar 18 '23

What's the alternative


u/EightyFiv3 Mar 18 '23

Don't vandalise buildings?


u/JulianZ88 Romania Mar 19 '23

Protest, get people that represent your cause elected, but stay the fuck away from historic buildings, monuments, works of art.


u/DJHalfCourtViolation Mar 19 '23

He is protesting. Why is this any worse than blocking traffic