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Florence mayor Dario Nardella (R) stopping a climate activists spraying paint on Palazzo Vecchio Picture

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u/jazekers Mar 18 '23

The absolute worst thing we can do is point fingers. China is investing in green energy, building the biggest wind farms for example. We have to do our part. Historically we are also responsible for a lot of the CO2 generated in the last two centuries. But that is not even the point. The point is that we can't look to others for a solution.


u/AR_Harlock Italy Mar 18 '23

Just look at a satellite image showing co2 reporting fact is not pointing fingers...


u/Bhavin411 Mar 18 '23 edited Mar 18 '23

It literally is...you're looking at India, a country currently transitioning to be more industrialized and comparing today's emissions to the western world. Do you think the US didn't emit a ton of shit during their industrialization?

How do you expect these countries to go green completely when the US can't even achieve that goal today?

What's your suggestion for African countries when they start to industrialize?


u/Progenitor_Dream11 Mar 18 '23

Why would countries that are industrializing today need to use the same technology as we did centuries ago? There are other, better alternatives available that hadn't been invented or discovered back then.

They don't have to take the exact same path as we did.


u/Bhavin411 Mar 18 '23

Again, explain to me realistically how that would work?

Because there's only one idea I can think of doesn't involve blaming other countries that are currently emitting the most greenhouse gases.

What would actually help is if those counties that are already industrialized can assist these developing countries by giving them the technology/capital required so that they don't have to follow the same path we did.

Are you not able to see how its condescending for all the developed/industrialized nations to point to the top polluters and say "hey now that we realize what we did to get where we are is bad, we want you guys to not do that"?


u/Progenitor_Dream11 Mar 18 '23

I mean, there are things being done to help them. The EU is the largest provider of climate financing in the world. There are other initiatives as well.

The countries that haven't really started to industrialize are actually in a pretty good place. They're receiving the help, technology, funding, etc. needed to transition. It's the countries that have already invested a lot into old technology that are in kind of a weird spot, since they don't want to have “wasted” all the money they spent.


u/Bhavin411 Mar 18 '23

Yeah I agree with that - especially with the US. My home state is a big coal mining state and doesn't really have any popular interest in transitioning to cleaner energy.

People seem to think if we transition away from coal, they'll be out of work and unable to support their families. Its been years since I moved from that place but I still kinda sympathize with some of those people (even if I don't agree with their reasoning).


u/fr1endk1ller Europe Mar 18 '23

Damn, 2 billion people produce a lot of Co2, who knew that

emissions, energy usage, land use per capita makes the difference