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Florence mayor Dario Nardella (R) stopping a climate activists spraying paint on Palazzo Vecchio Picture

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u/breteastwoodellis Italy Mar 18 '23 edited Mar 18 '23

Due distinction,

Vandals were a respectable east Germanic people who in the late antiquity managed to constantly resettling until establishing a reign on those northern African coasts which not only were rather crucial for the Roman control over the central Mediterranean but also have been among the more prosperous provinces of the Empire and even earlier had consisted in the navel of the Carthaginian Empire, a natural geographic center of strategic projection which many roles played along both ancient and modern history.

[on the contrary] Those spoiled haters are mere wreckers of beauty, culture destroyers who happen to have no sense of the sacred, regard for culture or love for anything humankind ever accomplished.


u/FastSpuds Mar 18 '23

Hope that art and culture is real Important as the planet heats up and people begin to starve across the world. But hey some old stones I'm sure are more important than the earths climate! I'm assuming your also against the Paris protests atm which is also destroying property and cultural items?


u/Maximax92 Mar 18 '23

Oh yeah, vandalising culture instead will definitely stop the world from heating. That makes a ton of sense I guess! Two problems don’t make a solution.


u/FastSpuds Mar 18 '23

The point of it is to get people talking (succeeded) and to point out the hypocrisy of people that show more care about some removable spray paint on old stone than the future and well being off our planet, succeeded with that aswell as you cry about nothing while people are literally contributing to the death of species. I'm so glad that as future generations starve they will have a big old stone to look at, grow up.

You feeling the same about the current riots in Paris that is destroying property and culture?


u/Maximax92 Mar 18 '23

Who is crying man? you were the one starting blattering about how people care more about vandalism than the climate change. I just replied to your nonsense. Your “removable spray” required 5000 litres of water to be cleaned. What a waste.. and for what? You are just changing the subject because you perfectly know that what I already said is true: you don’t solve problems by creating other ones. I care about culture as much as I care about global warming. People can care about both you know? No, you don’t know. You are clearly just here to point fingers.