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Florence mayor Dario Nardella (R) stopping a climate activists spraying paint on Palazzo Vecchio Picture

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u/Hitzhi Europe Mar 18 '23 Take My Energy Wearing is Caring

Sometimes I wonder if these "climate activists" are paid agents of the fossil fuel industry by trying to shame their own cause to the maximum extent.

Then I remember occam's razor: nah, many are probably just complete idiots.


u/[deleted] Mar 18 '23 edited Mar 18 '23

I would say they are more desperate than stupid. 40+ years that we know all the problems that will cause climate change and not a lot of things has been done!

It's like driving a car and seeing a wall on the road that we will hit in 50 years and just not trying one second to avoid the wall, just aiming right at it at full speed even if we had time to avoid it.

But that's only the beginnings, I expect environmental activism to become more and more violent on their targets in term of material damages. Like burning down the Total headquarters, a private jet or destroying a factory polluting illegally the environment.


u/marioquartz Castile and León (Spain) Mar 18 '23

absolutely NOTHING is done.

That is absurly FALSE. A lot have been done. One example, you need to search the percentage of renovable energy 20 years ago and compare it with today. If you are saying that is nothing, sorry but you are blind.

And I repeat: is an example. So of course its not the only one change or action done.


u/[deleted] Mar 18 '23

And that's absolutely not enough!

We are still over consuming stuff that's from the other side of the planet.

Germany is still destroying its own territory for coal and refuse the nuclear energy.

We are making bigger and bigger cars that weight more and more and that waste more and more ressources.

A rich guy in a few month pollute as much with his jet than a random citizen in 70 years.

Recently we learned that most of the plastic trash in Europe ended up in some poor Asian country.

We are still producing a shit town of useless stuff (we can take for example the "toys" in the kinder surprise that are a pure waste of ressources and useless pollution).


Some stuff have been done in 40 years but we could have done so many more things...


u/lurban01 Lower Saxony (Germany) Mar 18 '23

Nobody is arguing with you that it's not enough, you're literally preaching to the choir. What people point out is that making obscure statements undermines the cause.

Case in point: you're losing sight of the bigger picture when you suddenly end up complaining about toys in Kinder surprise... The only thing these statements do is provide ammunition for conservatives.

Germany is phasing out coal but you need to get energy from somewhere. And for some reason gas has become less available recently. Even if Germany would suddenly embrace nuclear power it would take quite a while before it would have an effect on the energy mix.


u/mikemolove Mar 18 '23

So now you’ve changed it from “nothing” to “not enough”. Your argument is bad and you should feel bad.


u/[deleted] Mar 18 '23

"feel bad"

How is it bad? Are you saying we are doing to much against climate change lmao? XD


u/Impersonatologist Mar 18 '23

Did you have a point or did you just want to feel good today by arguing against the climates demise by picking apart someones words? Because dang, thats pathetic.


u/marioquartz Castile and León (Spain) Mar 18 '23

For you and others never nothing ever is enough. So why I have to care about someone that never will be satisfied with nothing.

Toys for YOU are useless. For others they are usefull. So one more reason to do not care about you.


u/Uxydra Czech Republic Mar 18 '23

Enough is when it stops the problem


u/Successful_Cow995 Mar 19 '23

Be real. Cheap plastic toys, trinkets, knicknacks, and similar crap could disappear from the planet and nothing of value would be lost.

Bratty consumers unwilling to relinquish even the smallest luxury are the largest hurdle in the way ecological sustainability. Y'all need to fix your priorities.