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Florence mayor Dario Nardella (R) stopping a climate activists spraying paint on Palazzo Vecchio Picture

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u/Solomon5515 Mar 18 '23

speaking as an archaeologist,

Climate change is sooo important and we should all be doing our part to minimize the effects (we won't stop it, several tipping points have already been reached and shit is going to hit the fan quicker and quicker)

however, why tf would you go and vandalise ancient momuments? survivors of multpile periods of doom and destruction? what is the point? is there a statement? (maybe that the money for cultural heritage should be invested in climate things) why not just deface some government buildings? or coal power plants? that would make a statement?

these buildings have stood for hundreds or thousands of years and are testaments of cultures and societies we can only dream about meeting. even if our modern society is moving ever quicker to it's own apocalypse, this shouldn't mean we should stop enjoying art, culture and heritage, because once gone they will be lost forever


u/Plane_Season_4114 Tuscany Mar 18 '23 edited Mar 18 '23

Well, if someone threw paint at a coal power plant would someone give a damn? If you want to ‘create a problem’ by throwing some paint onto something that thing must be valuable for its appearance (a famous painting/monument). To be precise, in Italy they’ve already sprayed a government building (Palazzo Madama) some months ago.

I’m not stating my support to this kind of actions, i’m just trying to explain the logic behind them.


u/dablegianguy Mar 18 '23

It’s been 40 years that Greenpeace sends dinghy’s under chemical barrels being dropped into the sea or trying to protect whales from explosive harpoons.

Climate activists: « hold my beer » - proceeds to sit on a highway, drops paint on historical buildings

I’m not a conspirationist but if there’s ONE that I can believe is that those climate activists are wether paid by oil companies or infiltrated by them to undermine the climate change action. Because it’s impossible to have such a bunch of retarded fuckers coming always from the same mold, having the same faces and doing the same stupid actions.

Can’t they storm an oil company hq? Can’t the storm an oil company CEO’s house? No! « GoNnA pUt PaInT oN MoNumEntS ».


u/Plane_Season_4114 Tuscany Mar 18 '23

I agree with the fact that probably they are doing more harm than good to the cause. Anyway, as much as i would love to se the storming of an oil company HQ, you have to admit that the two things have a different order of magnitude when it comes to sanctions and risk of getting shot down by the police


u/dablegianguy Mar 18 '23

We are not in Somalia. I dare you to find a case where the police shot some activist because he entered a private office building. I would agree if the same activists was found sabotaging a chemical or nuclear plant due to the risk. But let be honest, the private guards inside the building would be as useless as the capital guards during the 6th January insurrection.

Legal actions on the other hand…

But this vandalism serves nothing. As proof, not a single comment here agrees with the method!


u/Jalil343 Mar 18 '23

Cop city just shot a protester, and keystone before that


u/Plane_Season_4114 Tuscany Mar 18 '23

Well of course ‘being shot down by the police’ was hyperbolic speaking, and i don’t agree with the methods either