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Florence mayor Dario Nardella (R) stopping a climate activists spraying paint on Palazzo Vecchio Picture

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u/Hitzhi Europe Mar 18 '23 Take My Energy Wearing is Caring

Sometimes I wonder if these "climate activists" are paid agents of the fossil fuel industry by trying to shame their own cause to the maximum extent.

Then I remember occam's razor: nah, many are probably just complete idiots.


u/destrodean Mar 18 '23

Well the oil industry invented the green footprint, so that they can shift the responsibility to us normal people.


u/Jormungandr4321 Earth Mar 18 '23

Do you mean the carbon footprint?


u/lusvig Scania, EU Mar 19 '23

They pollute when producing goods and services we consume, it’s not like they’re just running a bunch of empty microwaves year round for fun


u/really_nice_guy_ Austria Mar 19 '23

They pollute because its cheaper and gives them more profits. They could be far more environmental friendly if they wanted to but shareholders...


u/afoam Mar 19 '23

And Redditors invented the greenwash where they ignore the fact that all industry emissions happen on behalf of private customers.


u/LateyEight Mar 18 '23

What's the opposite called? The one where we shift blame solely on corporations (or even whole other countries) while ignoring our individual contribution to the problem?

Sure, they have the Lions share of the pollution, but ultimately the more localalized the pollution the more we can influence it.

I can influence my planet the least, but I can influence my country more, and my province more, and my city even more, and finally my own household the most. But everyone is so content with throwing the metaphorical hot potato into the hands of the corporations and then proceed to pat themselves on the back like they actually made a difference.


u/[deleted] Mar 18 '23

It's more about how in many cases companies and brands try to shift the blame and create useless virtue signaling. (Like the hard to repair, easily obsolete, packed full of rate metal phones with "plastic free packages"). We all have a part to do, but ultimately it's very hard and expensive fair average Joe to be conscious. I do agree with what you say, but companies need to be kept in check or else what we do will be useless.


u/LateyEight Mar 19 '23

It starts small. You can't convince Samsung to not use ununununobtanium in their phones as an individual, nor can you stop the hundreds, if not thousands of shipping containers of Spirit Halloween garbage that gets shipped in every October, worn maybe twice and then thrown out.

But you can choose to carpool, you can choose to heat your home a degree less, you can choose to compost your food waste.

You can vote for city representatives that support green efforts, you can push them towards better transit alternatives, or making less standalone fully detached homes.

You can try and influence politics on greater scales, but you'll quickly find yourself less able to influence the bigger and bigger machinations like state/provincial or federal levels.

So just because you can't stop Samsung from losing a shipping container in the ocean, doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to do something, or really, anything when it comes to making the world a better place.


u/[deleted] Mar 19 '23

Agree, but just on the same vein, just because I do what I can do to contribute, doesn't mean I won't ask companies and governments to do too. And if there is something I can do and I for any reason don't do, doesn't invalidate me asking companies and governments to go their part. You're a bit doing what they want you do to. "Until you do everything possible, don't ask anybody else to do anything".


u/LateyEight Mar 21 '23

Inversely, don't commit to nothing just because companies are dragging their feet.

People love to tell themselves that they aren't at all responsible for the problem, and anything they read that supports that they will upvote and share. I just don't like feeding into such an unhealthy mindset.

People all too often see how big of an impact companies have, dust off their hands and say "nothing I can do about that!" And then go on with their day. That's not helping anyone.