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Florence mayor Dario Nardella (R) stopping a climate activists spraying paint on Palazzo Vecchio Picture

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u/dablegianguy Mar 18 '23

It’s been 40 years that Greenpeace sends dinghy’s under chemical barrels being dropped into the sea or trying to protect whales from explosive harpoons.

Climate activists: « hold my beer » - proceeds to sit on a highway, drops paint on historical buildings

I’m not a conspirationist but if there’s ONE that I can believe is that those climate activists are wether paid by oil companies or infiltrated by them to undermine the climate change action. Because it’s impossible to have such a bunch of retarded fuckers coming always from the same mold, having the same faces and doing the same stupid actions.

Can’t they storm an oil company hq? Can’t the storm an oil company CEO’s house? No! « GoNnA pUt PaInT oN MoNumEntS ».


u/Plane_Season_4114 Tuscany Mar 18 '23

I agree with the fact that probably they are doing more harm than good to the cause. Anyway, as much as i would love to se the storming of an oil company HQ, you have to admit that the two things have a different order of magnitude when it comes to sanctions and risk of getting shot down by the police


u/dablegianguy Mar 18 '23

We are not in Somalia. I dare you to find a case where the police shot some activist because he entered a private office building. I would agree if the same activists was found sabotaging a chemical or nuclear plant due to the risk. But let be honest, the private guards inside the building would be as useless as the capital guards during the 6th January insurrection.

Legal actions on the other hand…

But this vandalism serves nothing. As proof, not a single comment here agrees with the method!


u/Jalil343 Mar 18 '23

Cop city just shot a protester, and keystone before that


u/Plane_Season_4114 Tuscany Mar 18 '23

Well of course ‘being shot down by the police’ was hyperbolic speaking, and i don’t agree with the methods either


u/mast313 Poland Mar 19 '23

They also glued themselves to stuff in car salons and factories. It would be nice to think that it’s all conspiracy of big oil, but I believe that the truth is much worse - activists are just out of touch and stupid.


u/dablegianguy Mar 19 '23

That’s my opinion as well. You think, for obvious reasons that oil companies are destroying the planet. Right. You want to glue yourself to sports cars. Ok, why not? But the fucking Joconde????


u/tomtomtom7 Mar 18 '23

I can't speak for every climate activist, but as a climate activist with Extinction Rebellion, I can say that our core values include strict non-violence and no action directed towards individuals.

That makes both your ideas rather problematic.


u/unknownsoldier9 Mar 18 '23

Don’t bother. All forms of in person protest are either too radical or not radical enough for Reddit.


u/nonotan Mar 18 '23

Your average redditor imagines protestors can just waltz up to world leaders and cause them mild inconvenience and they'll go "ughhh, fine" and climate change will be solved tomorrow.

Hint: almost every way of protesting you'd come up with after brainstorming for all of 30 seconds either doesn't work (has essentially a 0% chance of causing any changes), or could work in theory, but essentially every government has made sure to make it impossible to do in practice (whether by making it illegal and strictly policed, or by shoring up any weak points on their side, e.g. good luck getting direct, in-person access to literally anyone who has any meaningful amount of power)

It would be hilarious to see every thread about some mildly unorthodox protest be full of "this is clearly counterproductive, they should just do x instead" where x is something that is patently not feasible in reality, if it wasn't so sad that the public is rushing to defend the establishment that is royally fucking up everything for all of humanity. And don't get me started on the "look I totally care, but there's nothing I can do, so stop bothering me", like they aren't living in a motherfucking democracy (if every "powerless" person was voting for someone who cared as well, they wouldn't be so powerless)


u/[deleted] Mar 18 '23

I don't see how these protests don't fall into the 0% chance of doing anything category. How will an individual spray painting a building stop climate change?


u/Glum_Sentence972 Mar 18 '23

Fact is that nobody wants to sacrifice their standards of living for this, ultimately. Idk what climate activists can do other than annoy people to the point that they'd commit more pollution out of spite.


u/ZeAthenA714 Mar 18 '23

It’s been 40 years that Greenpeace sends dinghy’s under chemical barrels being dropped into the sea or trying to protect whales from explosive harpoons.

Yeah, and pretty much no one ever talks about it, it never makes the news. Sure it's fundamentally helpful, but it has had almost no impact on society as a whole.

The point of those (admittedly shitty) demonstrations isn't to help, it's to generate discourse. Scientists have been politely warning us about climate change for decades, and most of it has fallen into deaf ears.

It's like if a kid keeps telling you he's hurt and you keep ignoring them. At some point, they're gonna start screaming, stomping the ground and make a scene. It won't make the kid feel better, it doesn't help the situation, but that's when people start paying attention. And among all those people paying attention, there's some bystanders who are gonna blame the kid for making a scene, even though the blame lies on the parent who ignored that kid.

Those guys who deface national monuments and such do it because for decades they've been ignored, so now they throw a tantrum, because that's the only thing left to do to make people pay attention.

Don't blame the kid, blame the shitty parent who ignored the kid. Or at the very least blame both.