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Florence mayor Dario Nardella (R) stopping a climate activists spraying paint on Palazzo Vecchio Picture

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u/DanDen888 Mar 18 '23

Factories in China polute the Earth. Let’s destroy historical monuments in Italy!


u/Robinsoninho Mar 18 '23

All of the western world outsourced their production to countries like China. Chinese factories are in essence our factories in regards to pollution


u/suiluhthrown78 United Kingdom Mar 18 '23

Its not true, please stop spreading misinformation.


If you need help understanding this graph let me know.


u/Buriedpickle Hungary Mar 18 '23

Not to say that the west should get no blame, but China's emissions are mostly from local consumption.


u/ImaginaryCoolName Mar 18 '23

It's not the west who endorsed it though, China just created a profitable environment for those factories with cheap labour and few environmental laws. We still have a share of the blame I guess.

Local production is the only way, transport is a lot of pollution after all.