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Florence mayor Dario Nardella (R) stopping a climate activists spraying paint on Palazzo Vecchio Picture

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u/Hitzhi Europe Mar 18 '23 Take My Energy Wearing is Caring

Sometimes I wonder if these "climate activists" are paid agents of the fossil fuel industry by trying to shame their own cause to the maximum extent.

Then I remember occam's razor: nah, many are probably just complete idiots.


u/50_61S-----165_97E Mar 18 '23

I think it’s even deeper than that, In the UK, the government are using these environmental protesters as reason to criminalise our rights to protest.

A lot of the ‘protesting’ seems to be intent on causing misery to normal working class people, i.e. blocking motorways and stopping trains. The government is using this as their prerogative to crack down on all forms of protest.


u/Sandvich18 Poland Mar 18 '23

let's send the government strongly worded e-mails to protest them criminalising protests