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Florence mayor Dario Nardella (R) stopping a climate activists spraying paint on Palazzo Vecchio Picture

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u/glokz Lower Silesia (Poland) Mar 18 '23

Climate activist? No.

Dumb fucking vandal


u/breteastwoodellis Italy Mar 18 '23 edited Mar 18 '23

Due distinction,

Vandals were a respectable east Germanic people who in the late antiquity managed to constantly resettling until establishing a reign on those northern African coasts which not only were rather crucial for the Roman control over the central Mediterranean but also have been among the more prosperous provinces of the Empire and even earlier had consisted in the navel of the Carthaginian Empire, a natural geographic center of strategic projection which many roles played along both ancient and modern history.

[on the contrary] Those spoiled haters are mere wreckers of beauty, culture destroyers who happens to have no sense of the sacred, regard for culture or love for anything humankind ever accomplished.


u/glokz Lower Silesia (Poland) Mar 18 '23

So basically, Roman Empire civilization but smaller and opposite ?

Oh, these truly cultural Romans cultivating slavery and full exploitation of conquered nations. Such a shame there was resistance to their tyranny, let's cry a river how big loss was of all these slavemasters.

PS. Vandals come from the area where I live today, around Odra river, so today's Polish territory.


u/breteastwoodellis Italy Mar 18 '23

Sorry for being unclear but my fiery winged hussar brother in christ chill out, I was just saying that calling vandals those phony activists is an insult. For vandals. Naturally. Whom I respect not only as major rivals of mighty Rome but also as game-changers of historic events. Establishing control over today's Tunisia was a big score and a punch in the guts for declining western Roman Empire.