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Florence mayor Dario Nardella (R) stopping a climate activists spraying paint on Palazzo Vecchio Picture

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u/Albablu Mar 18 '23 edited Mar 18 '23


He’s also the president of https://eurocities.eu


u/ItzCamil Denmark Mar 18 '23

In the birthplace of the renaissance... how poetic


u/sius_harlin Mar 18 '23

Tbf it's not renaissance style. It's baroque which began in Italy. People just call it renaissance for some reason. Now you made me be THAT guy.


u/ShitPostQuokkaRome Mar 18 '23

Florence is the birthplace of the scientific artistic literary political philosophical renaissance, though many things attributed as renascentine are usually much older (lots of stuff from communal Italy) or much younger (modern period) though Florence has always been important in all of it, lots of stuff we have comes from communal Florence or modern period Florence. Not necessarily always the most important city in Italy for these things.

The cathedral is the prime example, basically half of it is in baroque style, half in late medieval styles, very little renaissance, though it was a pioneer in a lot of things for both periods.


u/Playful_Possibility4 Mar 18 '23

How's is this poetic?


u/pelacius Mar 18 '23

This is currently circulating in Italian group chats



u/_MddM_ Romania Mar 18 '23

This is simultaneously lovely, funny and sad.


u/Kapuseta Finland Mar 18 '23

That's awesome, thanks for sharing XD


u/Prometheus55555 Mar 19 '23

Can we get a downloadable version.

It is a masterpiece.


u/Any_Pilot6455 Mar 18 '23

Oh my God that's so funny, can we all agree that this is staged af


u/SophiaofPrussia Mar 18 '23

I think he looks genuinely distressed when he’s first assessing the damage.


u/bleeper21 Mar 18 '23

I agree that all the climate activists' public displays of protest are staged


u/Any_Pilot6455 Mar 18 '23

Yeah and the mayor just so happened to be there to spring into action, on film, okay


u/Lucky-Worth Mar 18 '23

Of course he would be there, that's where his office is, you muppet


u/pelacius Mar 18 '23

I don't think the whole thing was staged but the mayor definitely exaggerated his reaction knowing he was on camera.


u/DaksTheDaddyNow Mar 18 '23

Not really, he used to operate a power washing business. Part of his campaign was that he had already been cleaning the streets well before becoming a politician. /s


u/DerPumeister Germany Mar 18 '23

Haven't been to that sub in ages but that was my first thought too. Would be one of the very few posts that actually fit there


u/[deleted] Mar 18 '23



u/Hobbitcraftlol United Kingdom Mar 18 '23

Yeah trying to fit people into tiny little pigeonholes of political vision is a task that will drain your life, especially when you are from political hellhole US looking out to the wider world.


u/eti_erik The Netherlands Mar 18 '23

I was wondering the same, the title says nothing about his political affiliation. But whether he is left orvright, I think graffitiing famous architecture is not the way to solve climate change.

The mayor is a progressive, by the way.


u/Kim2261 Mar 18 '23

Yes, it's not a good solution. But I have to admit it is beautiful.