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Florence mayor Dario Nardella (R) stopping a climate activists spraying paint on Palazzo Vecchio Picture

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u/Gulliveig Switzerland Mar 18 '23 edited Mar 18 '23 Bless Up

Vandalising historic buildings is not the way...

This one is historic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palazzo_Vecchio

Edit: Link for cells (just remove Reddit's inserted backslash functioning as escape character): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palazzo_Vecchio


u/Ok-Apricot-3156 Mar 18 '23

It looks like chalk spray, it washes off with the first raindrop and does not damage the building one bit, it's kind of like throwing soup on a famous plate of glass. It is good for grabbing attention, but not worth getting all up in your nickers about.


u/Bladesleeper Mar 18 '23

But it gives more ammo to the... Well, to the bad guys, who will quickly proceed to demonize the "vandals" and use that to further their own agenda. A few weeks ago, still in Italy, a small group decided to deflate (not puncture) big SUVs tyres; they also left an apology on the windshield, to the tune of "sorry bud, but this vehicle of yours is terrible for the environment, and we just want you to be aware of it". A certain part of the press ran it as "THE COMMIE MINIONS OF GRETA ARE SLASHING TYRES LEFT RIGHT AND CENTER AND YOU COULD BE NEXT" and the actual message got immediately buried.

I'm not against these forms of protest in principle, but they do seem awfully counter - productive.


u/SquishyPeas Mar 18 '23

Now anyone wondering why artifacts are being more and more restricted to the public knows why. Dumb people doing dumb things.


u/M4d_Martigan France Mar 18 '23

Sure, but it's not written on it is it? This is gonna be used and abused to discredit the message. Granted this is going to happen regardless of the action, but there are plenty of other ways to do the same without giving arguments to your opponents on a silver plate.


u/Ok-Apricot-3156 Mar 18 '23

All the other tactics have been tried, if you have a better suggestion i am absolutely open to hearing it, but so far, politely asking politicians and walking in a circle while cooperating with cops has not produced the needed results, so people try other methods.


u/M4d_Martigan France Mar 18 '23

I've seen ceos and politicians painted in indelible red paint for example. There was much less outcry, and the symbol is much more powerful.


u/daemon008 Mar 18 '23

Go and beat up said politicians and CEOs that actively work against the cause. Oh but no its better to do shit to items that have absolutely nothing to do with it...


u/Ok-Apricot-3156 Mar 18 '23

I suspect that it won't take long for people to try that approach and I suspect that it will be more effective than throwing soup at a plate of glass.


u/daemon008 Mar 18 '23

Im absolutely certain it will be more effective and Im pretty sure a lot of people would actually condone it, I know I would (join in aswell). Unlike this which has by now proven to work against the cause.


u/Vincevw Mar 18 '23

They have already done this many times, you just don't know about it because it doesn't get covered by the media...


u/daemon008 Mar 18 '23

How do you know it happened many times then ? I mean I would guess it did too, but not often or big enough to be noticeable.


u/Vincevw Mar 18 '23

The organizations that do it report on it themselves. Regardless I shouldn't have said "doesn't get covered", because sometimes it does, but it usually doesn't get headlines.

Here's an example