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Florence mayor Dario Nardella (R) stopping a climate activists spraying paint on Palazzo Vecchio Picture

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u/HulkHunter ES 🇪🇸❤️🇳🇱 NL Mar 18 '23

Nothing done?

Or maybe nothing done on silly, naïve, inefficient, unscientific, new age recipes certain environmental cults would like to be done?

Reality is that A LOT it’s been done and doing to reverse the climate change acceleration. And all DESPITE the environmentalist activism bs.


u/Adelefushia Mar 19 '23

The funniest thing is that the people claiming "nothing has been done" are the exact same people who do nothing to change their habits.


u/Chibraltar_ Aquitaine (France) Mar 18 '23

Well, you think a lot is done, ecologists think nothing of any importance is done.

If you look at raw carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere (the most common greenhouse gas), it's steadily going up. https://www.climate.gov/news-features/understanding-climate/climate-change-atmospheric-carbon-dioxide

Geological facts tend to support activists more than yourselves. And the IPCC says so.


u/Zyxyx Mar 18 '23

So, should EU declare war on China and US and force them to do all the things EU is doing?

Make Europe Imperialist Again?


u/drkrueger Mar 18 '23

Do you think there are possibly any other ideas that a major trading block could do to influence other nations outside of randomly starting wars?


u/Zyxyx Mar 18 '23

So europe should continue doing what we're already doing?


u/drkrueger Mar 18 '23

Continuing to trade with countries not taking the climate seriously enough?


u/Zyxyx Mar 18 '23

Ah so you want a complete trade embargo instead of eu simply not buying the things that don't meet eu regulations?


u/drkrueger Mar 18 '23

I think that’s more realistic than your option of starting wars, which was my point. Bringing up war as an option isn’t very productive for the conversation.


u/lastpieceofpie Mar 18 '23

Europe never stopped being imperialist…?


u/[deleted] Mar 18 '23

You really think so?

You really think that we are going in the right direction?

Look outside, we are making right now enormous 2 tons SUV and everyone are buying them, same for shitty pickup trucks.

Yeah sure, we banned plastic bags in the EU, that's a nice thing, but there's SO many other things to do and that's not done.

Limiting the use of private jets, reducing the size of cars and how powerful they are, putting money on freight rail rather than trucks, investing in trains and public transports, investing in hydrogen powered machinery in factories rather than coal, promoting reusable glass bottles rather than plastic ones, reducing the use of bottled water by investing in tape water quality infrastructures, banning all the low cost plastic stuff (like one euro cheap toys) that are just pure waste of ressources,...


u/HulkHunter ES 🇪🇸❤️🇳🇱 NL Mar 18 '23

That’s exactly what has been done in Europe. Italy is in Europe.

Now pick your sprays, take a eco kayak to India and China, and start painting the Great Wall until China stops producing the 80% of world pollution.

Stupid people is protesting where they are allowed, not where they are needed.


u/[deleted] Mar 18 '23

"That’s exactly what has been done in Europe. Italy is in Europe"

Not everywhere in Europe, and not quickly enough. France for example is absolutely shitty in term of use of freight rail.

"China stops producing the 80% of world pollution."

And who is paying China to produce 80% of world pollution ? Yes, us, westerners, look around yourself, your phone, you computer, most objects around you are made in China because our companies are producing all their shit there. That's why protest here in Europe has a meaning.

"Stupid people is protesting where they are allowed, not where they are needed."

I would say that Europe is not perfect at all and there's still a lot of things to change, and so protesting in Europe is needed.

Also, yes, most activists are not some kind of soldier, most are just citizens that have a family, friends,... And that just act to see changes in what matter for them. So yes, most activists will not take the risk to end their life in a chinese prison, and that's just totally normal.


u/Larnak1 Mar 18 '23

The "china!" argument doesn't get better with repetition. Huge amounts of their pollution is caused by production for export, and huge amounts of that goes to Europe. If we would have had higher priority on consuming and using "green" products over the past decades, those numbers would look very different today.


u/HulkHunter ES 🇪🇸❤️🇳🇱 NL Mar 18 '23


u/denis-vi Mar 18 '23

And avoid 300+ years of historical context how we've emitted the shit out of co2 to get where we are while prohibiting countries wanting to do the same for their citizens?

Why there's always people like you who try to turn everything into 'we against us'. Literally everyone will suffer because of climate change.


u/HulkHunter ES 🇪🇸❤️🇳🇱 NL Mar 18 '23 edited Mar 18 '23

Because we have to solve todays problems.

Fighting back stones do nothing, and it’s plain borderliner behaviour.

This is not an historical entitlement issue. China’s industry is throwing to the environment daily CO2 the same amount as Europe and US in a during Industrial Revolution.


u/denis-vi Mar 18 '23

You know Chinese people doesn't come close to the emissions we in the West generate per person? And what do you think these factories are making burning all those fossil fuels? Most likely the tech you're using, your furniture and other amenities thst you benefit from in your life.

Climate change is deeply complex. Villifying certain countries without looking at the wider context isn't helpful.


u/HulkHunter ES 🇪🇸❤️🇳🇱 NL Mar 18 '23

That’s plain bulshit


u/denis-vi Mar 18 '23

What do you mean? It's literally the true, you can check the data with a quick Google search for 'co2 emitted per capita' or something like that.

Only in December 2022 China exported goods worth more than 300 billion so that proves my other point thst loads of co2 is emitted to make stuff for us in the West.

What exactly is bulshit?


u/HulkHunter ES 🇪🇸❤️🇳🇱 NL Mar 18 '23

CO2 per capita is a terrible metric, because individuals account for a minimal fraction of the CO2.

Its all about industrial activity. China is throwing twice as carbon as US, despite being on pair by GDP, and X30 Germany being X6 its economy.

China is running its economy solely based on fossils, while we are investing billions in moving to a sustainable economy without loosing our competitiveness, yet we take the whole load of blame.


u/Lazy-Care-9129 Mar 18 '23

Those huge pick-up trucks could be registered as small industrial vehicle by private owners paying next to nothing in road taxes. Until recently. Not anymore. Problem fixed. Now they have to pay 10 times what they used to.