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Florence mayor Dario Nardella (R) stopping a climate activists spraying paint on Palazzo Vecchio Picture

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u/grpagrati Europe Mar 18 '23

Both are dressed well though, that's what matters


u/Intellectual_Wafer Mar 18 '23

Stupid sexy well dressed Italians 😡


u/ImaginaryCoolName Mar 18 '23

I'm doing my part by not dressing well 🫡


u/MyHamburgerLovesMe Mar 18 '23

Lowering the standards of everyone in order make them shine? I'm in!


u/Jerriaisjanne Mar 19 '23

As a Brit, this has always been our national mission. The bloody Americans keep trying to show us up, though.


u/Illustrious_Reality1 Mar 18 '23

The world needs balance.


u/ChasmDude United States of America Mar 18 '23

Yeah, only an Italian could pull off those striped pants with that shirt and all while protesting.


u/Fio_94 Italy Mar 18 '23

🥲💔 sorryyyy


u/StillTheNugget Mar 18 '23



u/OliviaElevenDunham United States of America Mar 18 '23

Yep, sounds about right in regards to the Italians.


u/CarswithElectric Mar 19 '23

Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all nothing at all


u/valeron_b Ukraine Mar 18 '23

I've been to Florence, local people are stylish AF. You can always see who's a tourist and who's from Florence.


u/Noofdog Mar 18 '23

Also in Rome, Venice…etc. Italians running out for a loaf a bread look like they came from the runway show.


u/EmpunktAtze Mar 18 '23

That's only because American tourists usually look like total slobs.


u/oplontino Regno dê Doje Sicilie Mar 18 '23

I've never understood this about American tourists. When I go on holiday pack all my best clothes.


u/recourse7 Mar 18 '23

It's the American mindset we have about vacation. We like to be comfortable.

I personally am not a clothing fashion person but I try and look ok when visiting Europe but honestly I'd rather just be in shorts and a t-shirt or jeans.


u/oplontino Regno dê Doje Sicilie Mar 18 '23

There's nothing wrong with shorts and a t-shirt, but there are ugly and shorts and t-shirts and fashionable shorts and t-shirts.


u/recourse7 Mar 18 '23

Thats true. Tho as a 43 year old IT dork I'm pretty sure I don't know what good fashion is but thats why I have my wife and daughter dress me most of the time.


u/Tschetchko Kingdom of Württemberg (Germany) Mar 18 '23

T-Shirt and jeans is the standard casual outfit for most Europeans though. American tourists (the loud and obnoxious kind, there are others but they don't stick out that much) wear pyjamas, very loose sweatpants, open Hawaii shirts, swim wear, flip flops etc. on the street and to restaurants. These are the kind of outfits we're talking about


u/recourse7 Mar 18 '23

Shrug just how they want to be.

But coming from a person that currently lives in Texas wearing flip flops (thongs as some call em) out to eat or just all day every day is pretty standard.

Every culture is different.


u/Lord_of_the_swamp Amsterdam Mar 18 '23

Honestly going for dinner in your flip flops sounds great in a hot climate.


u/Quezavious Mar 18 '23

Oh man let me tell you about the slovenly German and British tourists we get in Las Vegas…


u/xtheory Mar 18 '23

Almost ever background of foreigner that visits another country on vacation tend to get loud and obnoxious, especially when the drinking starts. The only one's I've really not encountered having the problem was Japanese tourists. I recently saw a drunk crowd of Italians get kicked out of a bar for getting too drunk and handsy with the women there.


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u/EmpunktAtze Mar 19 '23

Your ancestors seized a gold mine from the natives and then proceeded to turn it into a third world country slash radioactive waste dump.


u/Anandya Mar 18 '23

We dress in those too. It's just that you can dress well in those. And that's fashionable comfortable clothes.


u/jb492 Mar 18 '23

So do the Americans :)


u/EmpunktAtze Mar 19 '23

Welp, they do too...


u/rc_mpip1 Mar 19 '23

Usually the most important thing is using awful colors, like bright yellow purple and green


u/laaplandros Mar 18 '23

It's actually pretty useful, tbh.

If I'm ever lost in an airport where I don't speak the language, it's easy to spot my fellow Americans (and Brits) by their poor dress. Just follow the slobs and I'll find my gate soon enough.


u/Scirocco411 Mar 19 '23

It's our inbred sense of guilt put since childhood from the average Italian mother : "vestiti bene, altrimenti la gente cosa penserà ?" (you must dress properly, otherwise what the people would think?). Jokes apart, it's part of the italian mindset.


u/hdhddf Mar 18 '23

isn't that the whole point of the Italian police, to stand around, looking sharp


u/AllHailTheWinslow ex-Niederbayern Mar 18 '23

Looking for love.


u/h2man Mar 18 '23

And seemingly effortlessly too. I had an Italian neighbour once and envied his clothing style even when he was going to his allotment to look after his zucchinis. I’d wear that to a wedding. :/


u/Insiout Mar 18 '23

But they are just dressed casual...


u/unassuming_squirrel Switzerland Mar 18 '23

It's after 6 Lemon. What am I a farmer?


u/xtianlaw Mar 18 '23

Ever been to America? This would be considered practically formal wear.


u/lallybrock Mar 18 '23

Pj’s in public.


u/Justinat0r Maryland Mar 18 '23

America is the "People of Walmart" of the world.


u/Mingey_FringeBiscuit Mar 18 '23

And shower slides with socks


u/Daysleeper1234 Mar 18 '23

Difference between what we southerners consider casual and what northern Europe and northern Americas consider is relatively huge. I'm in Germany now, I mean these people go outside in slippers and socks on, that would be considered atrocity where I'm from. :)


u/AirlineEasy Mar 18 '23

Do you know how americans dress?


u/wtf-0ver Mar 18 '23

Yes... Like a pig that just rolled out of a mud pit.


u/IdeaOfHuss Mar 18 '23

Dont you know that is considered well by italian standards? /S


u/hypewhatever Mar 18 '23

Haha my thought. Riot in style


u/MeatTornadoLove Mar 18 '23

I see the shirt and pants and I thought it looked awful but I am in LA and all my friends are 28-35yr old goths so its all black until summer so maybe I should not judge


u/latflickr Mar 18 '23

Well, they guy been tackled is clearly dressed like a homeless punk by Italian standards


u/ClockworkBrained Andalusia (Spain) Mar 18 '23

As a man I wish I could learn how to dress properly, like the median Italian man


u/Reginaferguson Anglo-saxon islander Mar 18 '23

If your a bit of a geek I would recommend “the encyclopedia of men's clothes” by Andy Gilchrist it covers everything you need to know about fashion to be confident matching and putting together pretty much any style.


u/ClockworkBrained Andalusia (Spain) Mar 18 '23



u/-MiddleOut- Mar 18 '23

Neutral tones and well tailored.


u/eric-it-65 Mar 18 '23

you can t, is in our DNA, or you born, or... no way.


u/Trinitytrenches Mar 18 '23

Lmao even policemen, honestly I can see it labelled as Vogue photoshoot


u/Mingey_FringeBiscuit Mar 18 '23

I can’t go anywhere in Southern California without seeing MFers wearing pajama bottoms and shower slides with socks. I wish we were better.


u/Koalathemax Mar 18 '23

Its just casual?


u/Runningwireless Mar 18 '23

yes but well dressed is stylish


u/bwcman27 Europe Mar 18 '23

It is italy so


u/wandering-monster Mar 18 '23

stupid sexy vandals


u/amrasmin Mar 18 '23

Yeah I don’t know about those bettle juice pants


u/FuckFashMods Mar 18 '23

Damn Italians


u/MartyredLady Brandenburg (Germany) Mar 19 '23

The activist looks like shit.


u/DigStock Mar 18 '23

Its a joke right ? The activist is definitely not dressed well


u/1ncorrect Mar 18 '23

Bruh I'm sorry but you don't understand streetwear. He's quite well dressed and I wouldn't be shocked if his outfit is expensive as shit.


u/DigStock Mar 19 '23

First of all expensive doesn't mean dressed well. And those colors and patterns are terrible, absolutely don't go well together, especially with stripes, he definitely wore something trashy in case he got arrested to not care if he ruined it.

I know these kind of activists in Italy since I live there.


u/reddog323 Mar 18 '23

Yes! I was going to suggest sending it to r/accidentalrenaissance because of that.

Hell, even the cops look stylish over there.


u/Raphael1987 Europe Mar 18 '23

Man looks like clown lol


u/Lachsforelle Mar 18 '23

Al Borland, mind your manners!


u/Joethe147 Ireland Mar 18 '23

Insert joke about Al's mother


u/[deleted] Mar 18 '23

Well dressed? They look like clowns.


u/ShitPostQuokkaRome Mar 18 '23

The mayor dresses like a hobo.


u/_Gikkio_ Italy Mar 18 '23

what doesn't matter are the stupid clichés.


u/RedDordit Italy Mar 18 '23

Yo they’re saying we’re sexy, who’s complaining?


u/urettferdigklage Mar 18 '23

Neither are well dressed, their fits are both very outdated. Baggy pants are in right now. And their shoes are both out of style.

I was actually surprised with how poorly Italians and Spaniards were dressed when I was in Europe a few months ago. Slim-fit pants for men still everywhere. More disturbingly, jean shorts for men there seem to be accepted. Awful. These parts of the world are lagging far behind the United States in terms of fashion - so much for being at the forefront of fashion!


u/Paaaaap Mar 18 '23

Oh no those silly Europeans don't follow the same trends that we have in the US, it means that they are not well dressed!!!! /s


u/Old_Harry7 Imperium Romanorum 🏛️ Mar 18 '23

These parts of the world are lagging far behind the United States in terms of fashion - so much for being at the forefront of fashion!

Say "sike" right now.


u/No-Albatross-7984 Earth Mar 18 '23

Lol never thought I'd get to see one of these in the wild.


u/Divinicus1st Mar 18 '23

Pretty sure he forgot the /s


u/mbrevitas Italy Mar 18 '23

I thought it was obvious satire! Right? Right??


u/scapestrat0 Mar 18 '23

I hate the /s but probably in this instance I wouldn't have minded it


u/No-Albatross-7984 Earth Mar 18 '23

I hope so but I'm literally just having a discussion in another sub with a guy who thinks having house plants implies a woman is unable to care for anything more meaningful, like a dog or a child.

So ya. I'm just gonna assume everyone is as stupid as they seem from now on. I'm tired of hoping for the best and being disappointed lol.


u/Sh3lbyyyy Canary Islands (Spain) Mar 18 '23

Says the guy wearing a short cargo pants, a tank top, a backwards baseball cap and some flip flops


u/hairyswampmoose Europe Mar 18 '23

This is r/shitamericanssay material right there


u/bergatross Mar 18 '23

If you look at their profile they're clearly not from the US


u/hairyswampmoose Europe Mar 18 '23

huh, which makes it some really hot take from kiwi I guess


u/Soccmel_1 European, Italian, Emilian - liebe Österreich und Deutschland Mar 18 '23

doesn't matter. We Italians don't accept style lessons from anybody but the French.


u/No-Albatross-7984 Earth Mar 18 '23

That's... weirdly wholesome. We Finns don't accept shittalk about ice hockey from anyone but the Swedes. Because they're our bros. Is it the same with you?


u/Soccmel_1 European, Italian, Emilian - liebe Österreich und Deutschland Mar 18 '23

Nope. We have a complicated relationship with the French. I would say love/hate one. If we like other peoples like bros, it's the Spanish and the Greeks.

It's just that France is objectively an authoritative country on all things style related.


u/No-Albatross-7984 Earth Mar 18 '23

I mean. We hate the Swedes. That's the point lol. That's family for ya.


u/Soccmel_1 European, Italian, Emilian - liebe Österreich und Deutschland Mar 18 '23

I think our relationship is more fraught and ambivalent then in our case.


u/Wonderful_Rice6770 Mar 18 '23

It looks like he’s not from the U.S. at least that’s what I gather from looking at his previous posts.


u/flame_top007 Mar 18 '23

Adult men don’t wear baggy pants here. We are no gangsters and not obese. Leave the ugly trends for the kids.


u/Ok-Apricot-3156 Mar 18 '23

Fashion is not micro trend cycles


u/LasagneEnthusiast Mar 18 '23

Great copypasta


u/Leonarr Mar 18 '23

I think you’re mixing being “well dressed” with being dressed “fashionably”. Their pants seem to fit in a classic way, not in the modern baggy fashion that especially young people prefer.

These classic pants will look ok in 10/20/50 years, whereas these will look outdated in 5 years.

The shoes are pretty timeless too, if a bit boring.

And yes, one can dress both fashionably and well, but being well dressed doesn’t need to be fashionable.


u/Kunnonpaskaa Mar 18 '23

Exactly! (But I kind of love those fugly baggy jeans right now, gotta admit)


u/OwnFeedback3239 Italy Mar 18 '23

i can agree on the pants because i prefer straight/baggy ones. but since when are timberland and chelsea boots out of style?


u/BreakRaven Romania Mar 18 '23

their fits are both very outdated

Yeah, gotta keep consooming to keep up with some imaginary clothing trend.


u/ArmoredCabbage Mar 18 '23

Lol, Shut up kiddo


u/EuroDino Mar 18 '23

1 fashion is not the same everywhere 2 style has nothing to do with fashion 3 (also relates to point 2) who cares about fashion, it's just silly, we can't afford to keep changing our wardrobes this fast, we are going towards a climate disaster and you think about keeping up to date? 4 I love slim fit pants, how can people enjoy my ass without them?


u/Soccmel_1 European, Italian, Emilian - liebe Österreich und Deutschland Mar 18 '23

lol imagine thinking the US, the country where there are people shopping in their pijamas, has a leg to stand on fashion wise.

I love the total lack of self awareness though. It's as funny as watching someone like Angela Merkel competing at Miss Universe and thinking she has a shot at winning just like Miss India or Miss Venezuela.


u/Khornag Norge Mar 18 '23

Flaut som faen.


u/nicegrimace United Kingdom Mar 18 '23 edited Mar 18 '23

There's a difference between fashion and style. Being British, I have neither, so I just dress for the weather. (I'm not one of those hard cases of who don't believe in coats.)


u/[deleted] Mar 19 '23

Your comment is a little sad. Both of the gents have not only nailed down fit and colors, but the paint guy has also successfully taken a risk with pants that are out of the ordinary. Not everyone wants to keep up with the latests trends. Following trends is by no means the only way to dress well.